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Want To Hide Your Secret Romance? Here Are The Top Cheater Apps Of 2022! Want To Hide Your Secret Romance? Here Are The Top Cheater Apps Of 2022!

Want To Hide Your Secret Romance? Here Are The Top Cheater Apps Of 2022!

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*Updated On 05/16/2022 Are you in a loveless marriage or relationship? Then it’s not surprising if you’re considering cheating or are... Want To Hide Your Secret Romance? Here Are The Top Cheater Apps Of 2022!

*Updated On 05/16/2022

Are you in a loveless marriage or relationship? Then it’s not surprising if you’re considering cheating or are already cheating on your partner. I don’t condone cheating on your partner, but I understand that falling out of love is a common cause of cheating.

To make sure your partner doesn’t find out about your affair, you need to be careful with what you do on your cell phone. The easiest way to keep your romance a secret is by using the cheater apps below.

5 Cheater Apps To Keep Your Love Affair A Secret In 2022

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Private Message Box

Private messaging and calling is essential when you’re cheating on your partner. With the Private Message Box app, you can secretly communicate with your lover. This app comes with a feature which enables you to hide the app from your mobile phone applications list. So, if your partner happens to browse through your phone apps, they will not find it. You can download this app on iOS and Android devices.

Vaulty Stocks

Want to send or receive sexy photos without your partner finding out? Exchange your secret photos with the Vaulty Stocks app. This is a private photo and video sharing app that hides your content in a secret vault. Cheaters have the ability to hide photos or videos they don’t want anyone else seeing. For security, this app requires users to enter a password or pin to open it. If anyone else tries to use it (like your partner), the app will take a photo of them.


Believe your partner is sneakily snooping on your phone? iAmNotified can help you catch them in the act and protect your phone data. So, if you have any evidence of your infidelity on your device, it will be safe and secure.

GPS Tracking App

Want to know where your spouse is at all times so they don’t catch you cheating? Then, you need to use a GPS tracking app! You can install it on their cell phone and be notified of their real-time location. Plus, these tracking apps are undetectable so they’ll never find out.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is the best cheater app for those looking to have a discreet love affair. It’s basically an online dating app for cheaters. Discretion is a priority on this app. First, your account will not link to any social profiles. Second, you can have your profile photos set to private and only allow certain members to view them. This application is free and available in the App Store and on Google Play.


Since many people already have Snapchat, many cheaters end up using this free social media app. This platform allows users to privately message and send others Snaps, photos, videos, GIFs, and more. No one else, including your partner, will be able to see your activities unless they get a hold of your phone. 

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder has been around for decades, first releasing back in 1996. This app is targeted towards those who are looking to hookup, casually have sex, and just meet someone who’s attractive. Basically, it’s the ultimate app for someone who is cheating. 

Ways Your Partner Can Find Out If You’re Cheating

Even if you are using the above cheating apps, there are ways your partner can uncover your cheating behavior. Below, we list the methods people use to catch a cheating spouse or partner. 

    • Use A Phone Monitoring Software or Spying App

One of the go-to ways people use to catch their cheating partner is by using a phone spy app. These apps are very easy to install and use on the target phone, and many are created to be discrete. These monitoring apps intercept a phone’s text messages, call log, social media activities, photos, videos, and more. 

    • Looking Through Your Trash

If your partner is looking for physical evidence of your cheating, they may look through your trash. Items they may look for include condoms, restaurant and lingerie receipts, and more.

    • Track Your GPS Location

A GPS tracking app can be used by both the cheater and the person being cheated on. If your partner suspects you of cheating, they may install a GPS location app on your iPhone or Android phone. This will help them tell where you are at all times and if you have been lying about your location. 

    • Review Your Email and Browser History

Sometimes, those who are cheating will send emails instead of text messaging or using messaging apps, and visit explicit sites to satisfy their needs. By reviewing your browser and email history, they will be able to uncover this and more. 

    • Follow You Throughout The Day

Sometimes, people use the old fashioned method of following their partner throughout the day. This includes them leaving to and from work, checking the local bar, and visiting a location they say they are going to be at.

    • Talk To Your Friends

If your partner hangs out with your friends, they may confide in them to see if you’re cheating. They are basing this on the assumption that you talk with your friends about your relationship struggles and romantic life. 

These cheater apps have been proven to help keep love affairs secret. However, this doesn’t prevent your partner from finding out about it if they’re using texting spyware or have hired a private detective.

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