How To Tell If There Are Hidden Security Cameras Spying On You

hidden security camerasIn a world filled with crime, there are hidden security cameras everywhere that aid in catching criminals and keeping people safe. However, some people go to extremes when it comes to keeping themselves, and their loved ones safe. Many of whom choose to install hidden home security cameras. But, how can you tell if someone has hidden security cameras spying on you? Below, we discuss FAQs about hidden security cameras, where to look for them, and what to do if you find any.

FAQs About Hidden Security Cameras

1. What’s A Hidden Security Camera?

Hidden security and spy cameras are surveillance technology that can be used to secretly watch people. The legality of using one depends on the user’s motives and intentions for using it.

2. Why Would Someone Us A Hidden Security Camera?

  • To Spy On You: Someone may hide a security camera in your home, office, or car to secretly spy on you. Every person’s specific motives for doing this will vary, but could be because they’re a sexual predator or they want to steal from you.
  • To Protect You: Often, a parent or family member will install hidden security cameras in order to keep their family and friends safe.

3. What Do Hidden Security Cameras Look Like?

Hidden security cameras come in many forms. They could appear as a DVD player, smoke detector, stuffed animal, clock, and USB drive. 

4. Where Are Hidden Security Cameras NOT Allowed?

According to the law, spy cameras are not allowed in other people’s homes, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and anywhere that someone needs their personal privacy.

How To Find Hidden Security Cameras

1. Look Around

The first thing you should do is look around your environment, whether it’s your home, office, car, etc. The most common places security cameras are hidden include plants, mirrors, doors, electrical outlets, lamps, decor, and stuffed animals.

2. Use A Camera Detector App

When in doubt, use a camera detector app on your cell phone to locate hidden cameras. One of the most popular apps for both Android and iOS is Hidden Camera Detector. Using the infrared camera detector feature on this app, you can see any white light that a hidden camera is emitting, which is typically invisible. In order to use the magnetometer feature on this app, your phone must have a magnetic sensor. 

3. Turn Your Lights Off  

Often, hidden security cameras have a flashing light on them which can be hard to see during the daytime. Close your blinds, turn your lights off, and look around your location using a flashlight to spot any unknown devices.

How To Handle Finding A Hidden Security Camera

  • Do Not Touch The Camera

The #1 rule to follow when finding a hidden security camera is to NOT touch it! You don’t want your fingerprints on it if it needs to be used in a criminal case. Also, touching the camera could alert the person who’s spying on you.

  • Record The Evidence

As with finding any criminal activity, make sure you take note of the evidence. Take a photo of the camera and write down its location. In the event the camera somehow disappears, you at least have some evidence of its existence.

  • Report It To The Authorities

If the hidden camera doesn’t belong to you or a family member, call the authorities. Someone like your babysitter, house cleaner, or a delivery person could have installed it without your permission.


Now you know how to locate hidden security cameras, and what actions to take if you find one. Hopefully, you aren’t being secretly spied on by a stranger and it’s just a family member looking out for your safety.

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