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Help Your Child Deal With Text Bullying: Learn How To Spy On Someone’s Phone

Cyberbullying is a very real issue that is facing kids nowadays, with repercussions that are forcing parents to learn of ways to spy on a cell phone in order to deal with this threat. It is a worldwide issue because of the sheer number of people, and children, using the internet on a daily basis. It is the cause of so many people committing suicide, particularly in the United States. Bullying is not new per se, but the advent of the internet and the rise of mobile communications technology has played a factor. 

Cyberbullying does not offer its victims any respite. Before the internet came to be, those who were bullied in-person could always run home to escape their tormentor. The internet lets bullies victimize other people, especially kids, from the comfort of their own home and with complete anonymity. They plague kids with all kinds of terrible remarks and they aim to chase down children through all forms of electronic devices. This is exactly why parents should be aware of the dangers and threats that their kids are facing every day.

Text Bullying: What Is It?

Put simply, text bullying is the act of sending malicious, embarrassing, false, or hurtful messages regarding a certain person (the victim) through the use of a mobile phone. This may include initiating sexting with somebody who may be humiliated by it.

It has actually become quite a problem and a burden for younger kids and even teens. It humiliates these victims and can have disastrous effects on their psychology. Their parents may not be aware that something is happening to them, even though they have the duty and obligation to be conscious of these types of harassment and deal with them.

Kids Are Common Victims of Text Bullying

Needless to say, any child ages 6 and up can be the victim of harassment through text messages. There are certain characteristics that these tormentors seem to find in most of their “targets”. Somebody who is “different”, calm, powerless, naive, or rebellious can be bullied. Younger teens are often targeted by text bullies. In general, male teenagers are only bullied by other males while female teenagers are harassed both by females and males.

Text bullies also often target those who are overweight or don’t conform to the “look” norms of society. If a child appears to be different from the others, smaller, or looks younger than the rest, they have larger chance of being targeted by bullies as well. They may also be ostracized based on appearance, race, clothing choices, religion or anything that the bully feels may be exploited.

Text Bullying: What Effects Does It Have On Children?

Text bullies may have more negative effects to children than their traditional counterparts. Here are some of the effects of text bullying on a kid, regardless of age.

    • Younger children and teens who are regularly harassed through text are more likely to skip school and lose their enthusiasm for school altogether. They are also bound to get lower scores than the rest of the class and may use gateway drugs and alcohol.
    • Children, and even some adults, may appear withdrawn if they are being subjected to torment through text messages. They may also have low self-esteem, passive-aggressive behavior, and feel anxious. If the victim is pushed to the point of severe anger, they may take it out on others violently.
    • These effects could even progress into adulthood. Many of those who were bullied as children withdraw from their social circles, live a more sedentary life, and gain weight. This can lead to more complications, both on their psychology, and on their physiology as weight gain can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and respiratory and cardiac problems. 
    • Bullies, on the other hand, may keep on participating in activities that torment their peers. This can progress to other types of behavior such as theft, use of alcohol and illicit drugs, and even murder. They may even battle depression, bouts of uncontrollable aggression, and other mental health problems when they grow older.

Warning Signs That Your Kid May Be Harassed By Text Bullies

Kids often do not say anything, preferring to keep their troubles to themselves. However, if their parents are unable to get them to say something, they should keep an eye out for these warning signs. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Children who are being harassed through text may exhibit changes in their eating and sleeping habits, and behavior.
  2. They may feign sickness in order to not go to school. They’ll say that they don’t feel well or are too tired to go. They may even experience actual stomach aches and migraines as a result of the amount of stress that they are being subjected to.
  3. Loss of confidence in themselves.  
  4. They are hurting themselves. 
  5. They distance themselves from people who were once their friends.

How Monitoring Apps Can Help Deal With Text Bullying

Powerful monitoring apps like Auto Forward and Highster Mobile will let parents access almost their kids’ entire phone, including total access to text messages. This way, they can track the people who are texting their kids and detect signs of text bullying early, way before it can have a negative impact. Learn more about what these top monitoring apps can do by visiting right now!