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Ultimate Guide To Texting Etiquette Ultimate Guide To Texting Etiquette

Ultimate Guide To Texting Etiquette

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Texting is one of the main forms of communication people use today. Many resort to texting in order to talk with another... Ultimate Guide To Texting Etiquette

Texting is one of the main forms of communication people use today. Many resort to texting in order to talk with another person instead of face-to-face interaction or making a phone call. However, there are rules to texting which many people don’t know or follow. For example, you shouldn’t text your friend in the middle of the night when you know they’re sleeping. Below, we continue to discuss what texting etiquette is and rules everyone should follow. 

What Is Texting Etiquette? 

When people text, they are expected to follow texting rules that are mostly common knowledge. However, there’s no texting etiquette manual and people aren’t taught about it in school. People are just expected to know how to properly text one another. If you grew up in the generation without cell phones or are just getting your first cell phone now, you likely aren’t familiar with these rules. 

11 Texting Etiquette Rules To Follow

Don’t Text and Drive

According to NHTSA, distracted driving resulted in the death of 2,841 lives in 2018. The Bottom Line: Don’t text while you are driving. You will not only endanger yourself, but your passengers and the drivers around you. If you feel the need to talk with someone, hook up your phone to your car’s Bluetooth (if possible) and call them via voice commands. 

Don’t Text and Walk

Next time you go outside, look around and see how many people are texting and walking at the same time. I bet you there are a lot of people. However, texting and walking is commonly frowned upon especially if you are in the company of another, trying to navigate a busy city, or crossing the street. 

Be Careful When Choosing The Contact To Text

All too often someone accidentally sends a text to the wrong person. Before sending any text, double and triple check the contact or number you are sending to is the right recipient.

Respond To Texts Promptly

If you receive a text message from a family member, friend, or coworker, it’s important to respond to them. Don’t ignore it or wait days to respond to them. Respond back to the text the day you receive it. If there’s a reason you cannot text someone back, you could send them an auto-reply like you’re driving, working, or on vacation. The only time you are allowed to not respond to the sender is when the text is spam.

Know Commonly Used Texting Terms

To effectively communicate via text, you need to know the common texting terms and abbreviations used. For example, if someone responds to you with “That video was hilarious, lol”, you need to know that “lol” means “laugh out loud” in order to reply correctly. 

Use Emojis Wisely 

Emojis in texting should be used sparingly and wisely. You must remember that not everyone knows what certain emojis mean. To be safe, stick with straightforward emojis like the heart or smiley face emoji.  

Be Careful When Responding To Group Texts

Group texts can be tricky, especially if you want to only reply to one person and not everyone. Before sending a reply text in a group chat, make sure you are sending it to the person or people you want to see it. 

Don’t Text Someone Urgent or Important News

Use common sense when it comes to what you should text someone. Sometimes, it’s more appropriate to call someone, especially when it comes to urgent or important news. For example, you wouldn’t text someone that you had to go to the emergency room. 

Keep Your Text Short and Sweet

No one likes a text that reads like a novel. Keep your texts short and sweet. If you need to, send multiple short texts to make it easier to read or call the person. 

Be Careful What You Message Someone

You may text someone a message, but it could come across differently when the recipient reads it. Before you click the send button, read the text aloud and make sure it cannot be interpreted in different ways. For example, avoid sarcastic comments via text. They can often come off as offensive or someone having an attitude.

Keep Others’ Schedules In Mind When Texting Them

When you text someone, ask yourself if it’s a good time to text them. Could they be at work? Are they sleeping? Just because it’s convenient for you to text someone right now doesn’t mean it’s the same for the recipient. 

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