Guide To Stopping Unwanted Friend Requests On Facebook

How To Stop Friend Requests On Facebook

How To Stop Friend Requests On Facebook

When initially creating a social media account, you want to add as many friends as possible. But there comes a point when you’re happy with the number of friends you have. With the disclosure of your whereabouts and other personal information, you don’t want some stranger to know where you are at all times. This is why you should be selective as to who you become friends with on Facebook.

Instead of naively accepting any friend request you receive, you should start declining friend requests or even blocking multiple offenders. Meaning, people who attempt to add you as a friend multiple times. This guide will teach you how to stop friend requests on Facebook.

Here are some friend requests to avoid:

  • People who have pets as their profile picture.
  • People who are trying to sell you products.
  • People who speak a different language.
  • People who only play Facebook games.
  • People who never post anything.
  • People who post spam on their wall.

How To Stop Friend Requests On Facebook

How To Stop Friend Requests On Facebook 2018

Facebook has problems with unwanted friend requests just as any other social media platform would. This could be sexual harassment, bullying, or unwanted attention from others. There have been instances of users blocking suspicious “friends” only to be contacted by the same one with a new account. Those types of individuals could create unlimited numbers of accounts to harass other users online. Some people refer to it as internet trolling. You can report them through this Facebook link:

With new security measures, Facebook is trying to prevent that same person from messaging you again. Their new tools are trying to detect users who bother others. Using information such as IP addresses and other signals, Facebook is able to recognize certain users.

How To Stop One Person From Sending You Friend Requests On Facebook

Is there that one person that keeps sending you a friend request? No matter how many times you deny them, they keep trying to friend you. Instead of just hitting that decline button, stop that stalker once and for all. You should also tell your friends about this person, this way, they are not added as well.

Avoid This Person:

  • Sends you peculiar messages.
  • Received multiple friend requests.
  • No mutual friends.
  • Has no profile picture.
  • Posts spammy content.
  • Posts no content.

How To Stop Friend Requests On Facebook

How To Block A Person From Sending A Friend Request On Facebook

If someone is sending you unwanted messages and making you uncomfortable, you can block them. On the user profile, it gives you the option to either unfriend them or block them. Once you block someone, they can no longer tag you or post on your timeline.

How To Block Someone On Facebook:

  1. Click  at the top right of Facebook and choose Settings.
  2. Go to the left side of Facebook and click Blocking.
  3. Enter the name of the person you want to block and click Block.
  4. Select the specific person you want to block from the list that appears and click Block > Block [name].

How To Prevent Friend Requests You Didn’t Send

The first thought is that your account may have been hacked. Go to your settings and change your password immediately! You may even want to run a spyware or malware check on your computer if you have those computer monitoring programs. Be sure to cancel any friend requests that have been sent without your permission.

How To Stop Friend Requests On Facebook

How To Remove Add Friend And Message Button On Facebook

When people become fed up with unwanted friend requests online, they make the move to remove the add friend button on their Facebook profile. While you cannot stop friend requests entirely since this is a social networking site, you can limit the number of friend requests you receive. If you want complete privacy, then maybe a social media account is not right for you.

You can go to Account SettingsUnder PrivacyChange Who Can Send Me Friend Requests ToFriends of Friends.

So, the “Add a Friend” button won’t appear on your profile.

How To Hide Sent Friend Requests On Facebook

If you’re trying to hide a sent friend request, the way to do it is by canceling the friend request. After a few minutes, the record should disappear on the Facebook activity log. If the person has already accepted your friend request, it is no longer hidden. The key is to cancel the request before they have a chance to view it so you’re cloaking it.


No matter what guides you read, it’s always a safety risk when you add people on Facebook that you don’t know. Even if that person is a friend of a friend. Before accepting this request, you should ask your actual friend who this individual is. Having mutual friends doesn’t automatically mean that this person is safe to add. Your friend might actually know them, or it could be someone online stalking your whereabouts. It has happened before when a person that no one knows has made it into more than 10 friend groups. WIth no real connection to any of these people. You may want to run a people search next time you click accept.

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