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I Got Lost Abroad: How Cell Phone Monitoring Software Helped Me I Got Lost Abroad: How Cell Phone Monitoring Software Helped Me
I love traveling but there’s no denying that as a single woman in... I Got Lost Abroad: How Cell Phone Monitoring Software Helped Me

Phone Location.jpgI love traveling but there’s no denying that as a single woman in my twenties, there’s a lot of risk involved. I often like to travel on my own but I constantly worry about my personal safety. First of all, what happens when I get lost and I don’t know my way around a country where I may or may not speak the language?


My cell phone tends to be a lifeline when I’m traveling abroad. It’s a quick and easy way for me to get in touch with my friends and family back home. I can take photos and save all my most precious travel memories in a flash. Translation apps and being able to do quick Internet searches helps me figure out where to eat, what local customs are, and everything else I need in order to have a fun and safe trip.


But what if my phone could do even more than that? What if my phone could prevent me from getting lost? That’s why I installed cell phone monitoring software. And as a matter of fact, I’m glad I did because it actually helped me when I got lost last month in Madrid.


Using Monitoring Software to Help Myself Out


You could install a spy on cell phone text messages free trail software, however a software with a one-time subscription would be more beneficial. I installed cell phone monitoring software on my phone after a friend of mine suggested it. She used it on her own phone to help keep track of it. And boy, am I glad I listened. Cell phone monitoring software has helped me out a lot and I don’t even have my own kids or employees to monitor!


Cell phone monitoring software is supposed to be used to track someone’s phone. So a lot of parents will install it on their kids’ phones to help make sure they’re not up to anything. I wasn’t tracking anyone’s phone except my own.


Trying to spy one cell phone text messages free isnt one of the best methods for you. See, with monitoring software, you can track someone’s GPS location. And this is why I popped it on my phone. What if I lost my phone while I was traveling? What if I got lost while I was abroad?


That’s what happened when I was visiting Madrid. I’ve never been to Madrid on my own before. And while I was trying to find a restaurant a bunch of my friends had recommended, I got lost. Like, super lost. I kept crossing streets, trying to find this place and all of sudden, I had no idea where I was.


I was about to pull up my maps app when I realized that I had actually misplaced my phone!


Finding My Phone (And Myself)


So I pulled out my tablet, which I always keep in my purse. And by pulling up my tablet, I was able to get online and log into my cell phone monitoring account with a one time subscription. And it worked wonderfully. As opposed to trying to spy on cell phone text messages for free online.


I located my phone’s GPS location and, using my tablet, I was able to find my way to my phone, which I had left at a café, as it turned out. And with my phone handy, I pulled up my Map app and discovered where I was.


As it turns out, I eventually found the restaurant. And with my phone and tablet, I found my way back to my hotel without a hitch. Really, I couldn’t ask for more when it comes to cell phone monitoring software. I ended up not losing my phone, I was able to find myself with ease, and I had a fantastic trip in Madrid, all things considered.


Really, if you’re someone who travels on your own, download cell phone monitoring software now. You’ll be glad you did.


Pat Stanley

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