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Gmail Tracking For Android Phones: Best Monitoring Tools for 2022 Gmail Tracking For Android Phones: Best Monitoring Tools for 2022

Gmail Tracking For Android Phones: Best Monitoring Tools for 2022

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Gmail is a web-based communication platform available as an application on Android phones or other mobile devices. Gmail allows users to conveniently... Gmail Tracking For Android Phones: Best Monitoring Tools for 2022

Gmail is a web-based communication platform available as an application on Android phones or other mobile devices. Gmail allows users to conveniently send digital mail and attach various files. It provides convenient email sorting and organizing and allows email scheduling.

Like any other communication platform, Gmail can threaten one’s data security. Here’s where hidden spy apps could help. Install an app to spy on Gmail accounts to protect your loved ones.


What Can You Learn From Gmail Using Spy Apps for Android?

Spy tracking apps do not merely monitor a device, it helps keep the owner safe from threats. There are many such apps for Android available in the market. You can use them to monitor phone activities and apps like Gmail. Make sure though that the spy app you choose is compatible with the target phone. Also, choose one that runs in stealth mode – allowing real-time tracking and hassle-free monitoring.

Keep track of your loved ones’ activities for their safety and your peace of mind. Utilize Gmail spy apps and get access to the following:

    • All sent and received emails via the Gmail app.
    • View all attachments.
    • Date and time stamps for every email.
    • Email contacts information.


How To Choose The Right Gmail Tracker App

People usually communicate through their phones especially with the availability of apps like Gmail. Many cybercriminals, unfortunately, also use email to lure their victims into compromising their data, security, and safety. This is where spy software for Android could come in handy.

There are hundreds of such apps available in the market today. To help you select the one that perfectly fits your needs, here are some important features you might want to consider.

  • Features

Monitoring tools usually offer similar features. If you’re specifically looking for one that can track activities on Gmail, be sure to take into consideration the specific functionalities. For instance, you should opt for an app that can enable you to recover even the deleted and archived emails, and not just access to the incoming messages. Regardless, of course, be sure to choose one that provides the feature that you need the most.

  • Compatibility

In most cases, the spy software works with all iOS and Android devices. It won’t hurt you, however, to check if the one you want to avail of is compatible with the brand, model, and version of your target device.

  • Installation and Navigation

Tracking tools are designed in a way that even the less tech-savvy users can utilize all the functionalities that these programs offer. Hence, be sure that you get one that is, indeed, easy to install, access, and navigate – one that’s efficient and convenient.

  • Price

By mentioning the price, we don’t mean you should get the cheapest product as price alone doesn’t guarantee efficacy and effectiveness. We recommend you get one that can provide great value for your money. One way to ensure this is by taking a deeper look into the package inclusions.


5 Best Android Spy Apps for Gmail Monitoring

At, we have taken into consideration various factors to identify the best spy apps. We were able to narrow down the list to five monitoring software programs by looking into features, compatibility, support, packages, and more. All of these apps have been tested to ensure only the best are recommended.

Select from our list below the Gmail spy software that perfectly suits your needs. All options work with all Android devices and network providers.

Auto Forward

This tracking tool allows you to see every email sent and received exactly as it appears in the user’s Gmail account. The app can remotely monitor, record, and store everything on the target Android cell phone.

Highster Mobile

This monitoring application can access activities within third-party apps installed on the target device. Its Gmail tracking feature, for instance, can acquire sent and received emails, photos, videos, documents, and more.

DDI Utilities

This Android tracking tool can efficiently dig deep into a device to acquire all save, lost, and inaccessible data. For Gmail, it can recover archived or deleted email threads. This spy app also serves as a backup app in case email accounts and devices are hacked.


This tracking application works well with all Android devices. It offers a secure connection that allows users to remotely read incoming and outgoing emails and files. Email tracking is available with PhoneSpector’s Basic and Pro plans.

Easy Spy

This Android monitoring tool features an easily accessible dashboard. Its tracking and spying functionalities help parents and employers to monitor Gmail activities. It simultaneously feeds extracted information such as email addresses, conversations, documents, and more.

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