Free Cell Phone Spying Apps: Leave No Trace

Spying Apps.jpgHow can you spy on a cell phone for free? Is it possible to use a spy app without paying anything? The answer is a yes to these questions. However, in order to go undetected, there is a need to do verify how the app works. This post will tackle your major concerns to help you get the best deal out of a spy app before crossing over to a premium offer.

Free Apps and Their Benefits

How can I spy on a cell phone for free?” “Is it possible to spy on a mobile phone without paying anything?”

Yes. There are free trial spy apps that are available for a limited time just to give you a chance to try out the software. However, these apps offer limited access to features and mostly involve text message monitoring. If you just want to find out how the app functions or if you still haven’t reached a final decision on a certain app of your choice, a free cell phone spying trial option is a good one to take.

On the other hand, if you are sure of the brand and you want to try out the advanced tracking features it offers, that’s the time you can go for a premium monitoring package. Payment options could either come in a one-time fee or a monthly installment plan.

Premium tracking features include monitoring important data such as text messages, calls, mobile internet, browser history, phone media gallery, email and messaging apps, 3rd party softwares, social media interaction as well as GPS location.

Installation and Download

There is a need to download and install the software directly on the phone. For iOS devices, there is a need to have it jailbroken. After the installation, there is a series of information which needs to be filled in for the final process. Once all of these things have been carried out properly, monitoring can start on the target phone.

How to Leave No Trace

Using a spy app needs careful deliberation on the brand you choose. It should not leave any trace in both Apple and Google Play stores. Plus, it should be undetected on the mobile device once a 3rd party app starts scanning. Also, a good spy app should not drain too much battery on the target phone and it should not take up too much data space in order to prevent raising any suspicions.

Highster Mobile is one of the top-performing mobile spy apps in today’s market. It works best in both Android and Apple devices.

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