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Have you been dying to know what makes your teen giggle when using her cell phone? Worried about what content your kids... FlexiSpy Review

Have you been dying to know what makes your teen giggle when using her cell phone? Worried about what content your kids could encounter when surfing the internet? Looking for ways to efficiently track your company-issued electronic gadgets? Are searching for reliable tools that could promote higher productivity and better quality outputs?

Spy software could be the solution to your problems. Monitoring apps like FlexiSPY, Highster Mobile, or Auto Forward can grant you remote real-time access to your target device. Using such a tool isn’t as complicated as it seems, but selecting the perfect app is a different story. FlexiSPY is merely one of the hundreds of thousands of them in the market, claiming to be “the best” – but is the FlexiSPY app the best? To confirm, we’ve arranged a team of tech experts to conduct a thorough FlexiSPY review. Know for sure in this FlexiSPY Review: Spy app for Android & iPhone in 2021 we’ve prepared.


What Is The FlexiSPY App?

Call Tracking via FlexiSpy App

FlexiSPY is considered to be one of the pillars of the spy software industry. Its launch in 2006 is considered to be the first commercial spy phone application ever introduced in the market. For 15 years now, FlexiSPY has been offering remote monitoring features to millions of users from across the globe. But with all those years of service, has FlexiSPY managed to catch up with newer spy apps that offer more modern solutions?

Though one of the pioneers, FlexiSPY spy phone software has its fair share of positive and negative reviews. While it offers a pretty good collection of tracking and monitoring tools, some users who are looking for more in-depth spying might find Flexi spy software lacking certain features. Unlike other programs, the FlexiSPY app doesn’t have intricate built-in parental controls and customizable security settings.

FlexiSPY software is designed to work with all versions of Android and iOS. However, to utilize its advanced features, phone rooting or jailbreaking is required. Meaning, you’ll have to first somehow manage to gain physical access to the device before spying on it – which is yes, a bit ironic. Moreover, the installation process, in general, isn’t so smooth and seamless, and its general user interface (GUI) isn’t user-friendly enough.

In general, the FlexiSPY app is, indeed, packed with various tools that could be useful for child or employee monitoring. If you’re on a tight budget though, then FlexiSPY might just not be the best spy software for you. This is because it’s pretty pricey – their available version that entails the features most sought after costs $349.00. 

Overall, FlexiSPY phone tracker is a decent spying software, offering remote access to any device you wish to monitor. However, there are better choices especially for less tech-savvy users, in need of in-depth spying, or on a tight budget. Such options include Auto Forward and Highster Mobile


How Does FlexiSPY Work?

Spoof SMS by FlexiSpy

Like most standard monitoring programs, FlexiSPY software works by first establishing a connection between the device being spied on their cloud-based servers. This is done during the installation process. This virtual connection is then used to relay the extracted data. 

Through the use of multi-layered algorithms and complex codes, FlexiSPY gets to offer certain monitoring functionalities. Such complexity of technologies used is, unfortunately manifesting on its general interface. Their official website has laid out the steps on how to use FlexiSPY in a way that seems easy and convenient but it’s less user-friendly especially when compared to premium monitoring tools. In fact, some FlexiSPY reviews claim certain issues as early as downloading the software and accessing the dashboard FlexiSPY login page.

Here are some of the key features you could expect from the FlexiSPY app.

  • Call Recording

One of the most well-known features of FlexiSPY is its ability to record phone call conversations. This feature records all incoming and outgoing calls, enabling users to simultaneously listen to phone conversations. The recorded file is automatically uploaded to their mobile portal viewer app which could be used for later viewing. Unlike other apps that merely capture call logs, FlexiSPY records conversations – an act that’s considered to be a cybercrime in certain places. So if you’re cautious enough – like our tech experts – this is basically a red flag.

  • Spoof SMS

One unique feature of FlexySPY is SMS spoofing. This allows users to remotely send SMS text messages to any saved contact or a specific number of their choice. The sent message is invisible, meaning the phone owner won’t know about the SMS as there are no traces. To do this, simply access FlexiSPY’s online user portal, and from there, you draft and send out messages. When trying this feature though, we’ve encountered certain issues like SMS not pushing through or uncontrolled notifications being triggered. Plus, be sure to be extra cautious in utilizing such invasive features. 

  • GPS Location Tracking

Like most monitoring apps, this spy software is also packed with GPS tracking tools. In a map view, it feeds the current and historical locations of the target smartphone or tablet. It also enables users to start favorite areas or places. While testing the app though, we’ve received some inaccurate updates like the fed GPS location is almost 1 mile away from the actual location of the test target – which is very misleading.

  • Key Logs

All typed words using the device’s keyboard, regardless of where these are being input to, are captured by FlexiSPY. The keylogger feature is meant to keep copies of the entire keystroke history of the device being monitored. However, when we checked the dashboard, there were a few missing logs especially when we tried typing a bit faster. Plus, the keywords alert feature isn’t as real-time as advertised. 

  • App Screenshots

FlexiSPY can also capture activities within default or third-party applications. Users get to choose which apps to be monitored and when the said app is launched and used, this software automatically takes screenshots of the screen. The downside is, it appears that it only captures the screen if there are user-triggered activities or the user has touched anywhere on the screen. Hence, there are certain activities – like per se, if your kid’s basically watching inappropriate content and not touching anywhere on the screen – that aren’t recorded.

  • Remote Uninstall of the Software

In the same way that there are several issues in the app’s installation process, the remote uninstallation process wasn’t as smooth and as straightforward as advertised either. The only edge of this feature is you can use it without having physical access to the device. 

  • IMs (Instant Messages)

One of the most common features of spying programs is message tracking. Similarly, FlexiSPY offers this feature as part of any of their available plans or as a standalone product. It logs and uploads all sent, received, and even deleted instant messages. This feature allows you to see phone numbers, contact names (if registered), date and timestamps, and the full content of the messages. However, while our testers were using the FlexiSPY app, there were some delays and not all messages were being captured.

  • Photos & Videos

Flexyspy saves a copy of every image and video clip that’s sent, received, stored, deleted, uploaded, and downloaded on the device being monitored. This photo and video tracker supports almost all formats, including JPEG, PBM, PAM, ECW, ODG, PDF, EMF+, MP4, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, M4v, AVI, and more. When checking out this feature, there were a few files we can’t view like broken images and corrupted videos.

  • Web Activity

Another common feature of spy tools is web browser history recording, and FlexiSPY also offers this. The software captures searched and visited websites, showing URLs, timestamps, frequency of access, and more. Unfortunately, we’ve also experienced certain issues with this feature, including incomplete logs – not everything accessed via the browser is captured most especially when the target user’s in incognito mode. Unlike TurboSpy, per se, everything is captured regardless of the browser or the mode used.

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Device Compatibility of the FlexiSPY App

Viewing photos and videos via FlexiSpy app

So, is FlexiSPY legit? In all fairness, disregarding certain loopholes and issues, FlexiSPY is a real and legit program. In fact, it supports and works well with not only mobile devices but also tablets and computers. 

FlexiSPY Android is compatible with versions 4 to 11. It’s disappointing though that there are certain limitations for certain versions. For instance, call interception, spy call, and spoof SMS features are not supported in Android versions 8 to 9. Also, VoIP call recording would only work for rooted Android 8 and 9 devices, while for versions 10 and 11, VoIP call recording only supports non-rooted devices. Call interception and spoof SMS are also part of Android version 10 to 11 limitations.

FlexiSPY iPhone is designed to work well with even the latest versions of iPhones – 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE (2020 version), XR, XS, XS Max X, 8, 7, 6, 5, & SE. iPads with iOS versions 6.0 to 14X are also supported. Similarly, there are differences in features availability and inclusions. Also, to enjoy the more advanced features, you’d still need to jailbreak the target iOS device.

The FlexiSPY software also works with macOS and Windows computers. For Windows, it supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. For macOS, it supports Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur.

While the FlexiSPY app supports a wide array of device types, brands, and versions, there are various conditions and limitations. For example, to install FlexiSPY for Android, you’d need to have physical access to the device. For the iPhone, to unlock the advanced features you’ll have to jailbreak the target phone. For Windows and macOS administrative access is required.


How To Install FlexiSPY

Flexispy for data tracking on Android

When you visit FlexiSPY’s official website, they’ve surely presented the steps on how to install FlexiSPY on the target phone as if it’s a straightforward and seamless process. Sure, the FlexiSPY installation process – of purchasing then downloading then activating then accessing – sounds quick and easy, but in reality, it’s not. Our testers – tech professionals – found it a bit challenging to install the software and make it work. Unlike other apps that can be downloaded in just a few clicks only, it’s time-consuming with the FlexiSPY app.

Here’s how to install the FlexiSPY program for smartphones and tablets. And based on what we’ve personally experienced, brace yourself for the worst-case possible scenarios and technical issues.  


FlexiSPY Installation Process on Android

The FlexiSPY app for Android works well with versions 4 to 11. To start using the software though, you’ll need to gain physical access to the target device, then, of course, it goes without saying that you must know the PINs or passcodes (if any).

Here are the steps for installing this tool on any Android device you wish to monitor. Note that to have full access to the inclusive advanced features, you will need to have the target Android rooted.

    • Purchase – Depending on your needs or preferences, choose whether to purchase FlexySPY’s Lite, Premium, or Extreme Plan (which aren’t reasonably priced, by the way). You’ll then be asked to provide certain information then settle the required payments.
    • ActivateBy physically accessing the device, manually download the software using the provided link file. Should you wish to utilize the advanced features as well, you’ll need to root first the target Android device. You may also opt to avail of FlexiSPY’s installation service (with additional charges, of course).
    • Access – Once installed, log in and access your web portal. Select the data you wish to view, set the alerts, and customize the reports extraction process (you’ll need  much patience if you’re less tech-savvy or if you’re easily overwhelmed by crowded screens)

FlexiSPY Installation Process on iPhone

Similarly, the steps on how to install FlexiSPY on iPhone are more complicated than they seem. Unlike the FlexiSPY app’s Android version where rooting is merely optional, jailbreaking is a must in the iPhone version – and we all know about the adverse effects of jailbreaking. 

The overall installation process, however, is pretty much the same. 

    • Purchase – Be sure to accurately identify the iPhone model and iOS version of the device you wish to monitor so that you won’t go wrong with the specific plan you’ll be availing of. This is because there are certain features on certain plans that only work with certain versions (which doesn’t make sense as other spy apps get to offer equal service levels regardless of the device’s model or version).
    • ActivateManually download, install, and activate the spy software on the target device or use FlexySPY’s installation service (which is another expense on top of the already pricey subscription).
    • Access – Once everything’s set up, access your FlexiSPY dashboard then start monitoring (or start mastering their not so user-friendly dashboard first).


How to Install FlexiSPY Without the Target Device

When solely based on the real-life installation processes of FlexiSPY, you’d surely understand by now that installing the FlexiSPY app remotely is not possible. 

Even if you won’t be needing to root the target Android to unlock the advanced features, you’d still have to gain physical access to the device to download the software, Unless, of course, you somehow manage to lure the user into downloading the app themselves without knowing or questioning your intentions. 

The iOS FlexiSPY how to install step-by-step process is also of no exemption. Aside from the fact that jailbreaking and physical access are non-negotiable, several FlexiSPY reviews can attest to how time-consuming and inconvenient it could be to install FlexiSPY on any iOS device.

Above all, should you be purchasing the FlexiSPY software for Windows or macOS, there’s absolutely no way of installing it without the target device. In fact, to successfully do so, you must have administrative access to the target computer. 

Hence, it all boils down to these two choices should you wish to push your luck on installing FlexiSPY without having to have physical access to the device you wish to monitor.

    1. Lure the user into voluntarily or unknowingly rooting/jailbreaking their device and/or downloading the FlexiSPY app themselves.
    2. Use FlexiSPY’s installation service and spend a few more bucks on top of their already pricey plan.


FlexiSPY Dashboard

Every FlexiSPY subscription you purchase comes with its own FlexiSPY dashboard. This cloud-based account is where you’ll be able to access the extracted information, remotely control the target device, and even generate or download reports. 

The web control page can be accessed anytime and anywhere using any internet-enabled device. Our testers and even some FlexiSPY reviewers claim they often experience latencies and system crashes. Also, the response time isn’t as simultaneous and as smooth as that of other spy apps’ control panels.

The FlexiSPY dashboard comprises 6 main sections.

  • Device Selector

Device selector is located in the top left corner of the page. This is where you can choose which device’s data would you like to view. It displays the picture and name of the device owner (information that could be customized on the account page).

  • Device information 

The device information section shows the current diagnostic of the phone you’re monitoring, including the device’s model and OS version, network carrier, IMEI, battery level, and more. It also includes an optional Sync button. There are certain discrepancies we’ve experienced though, like the target user’s battery life is already at 15%, but we’re still seeing 100% on our end.

  • Product information 

Product information entails the specific details of the FlexiSPY subscription you’ve availed of. This is also where you’re supposed to know if there are any software updates available. However, on one of our test subscriptions (the basic subscription), we didn’t know about any update until we saw the notification on a separate subscription we’re using (the more expensive one).

  • Account Utilities 

The Account Utilities page lets you manage and customize your account. From here, you could purchase any add-on products to include in your existing plan. Also, you can contact customer support from this page. For some reason, this is where we’ve experienced the most latencies. Like when we tried changing device names, we’ve been stuck in a loop of page rerouting before we’ve successfully done it.

  • Latest information 

The latest information section of the homepage shows an overview of all recent activities. It provides a snippet of the latest call logs, latest SMS conversations, latest photos, and more. Contrary to its section name, the details shown aren’t up-to-date – there are newer activities we know that already happened but aren’t still reflected on this dashboard’s page.

  • Menu

Located on the left pane, the Menu section allows you to access more detailed information and reports about the specific categories, events, and features. We’ve also experienced certain issues on this section – it takes too long for the further selections to appear.


How Much Does FlexiSPY Cost?

FlexiSpy App Pricing

Several FlexiSPY reviews claim this monitoring app, though offers a myriad of great and unique monitoring features, is quite pricey. And after testing the software, we don’t even think that the inclusive functionalities of the FlexiSPY app give justice to its hefty price.

FlexiSPY offers three plans users can choose from. Then, of course, the extent of features and services would vary depending on the subscription you availed – the more intricate and extensive the functionalities are, the more expensive the cost is.

  • Lite

The Lite subscription offers basic monitoring features only. Also, this is offered as a monthly plan only, for $29.95. The functionalities included in this package are basic enough you could get from free spy apps.

  • Premium

The Premium plan offers all features included in Lite plus a few advanced monitoring tools. This is available in 3 payment schemes – Monthly Subscription ($68), Quarterly Subscription ($99), and Annual Subscription ($149). This is the most reasonable package out the three; nevertheless, it’s still super costly when compared to other apps.

  • Extreme

The Extreme package offers all functionalities included in the Lite and Premium plans plus a few extensive monitoring and tracking features. This is an all-in-one license that supports mobile phones, tablets, and computers. It’s available in 2 payment schemes – Quarterly Subscription ($199) and Annual Subscription ($349). The almost doubled cost is, in reality, for just a few features you won’t normally need for mere monitoring.


Features of the Premium Version of FlexiSPY

By far, based on what we’ve personally experienced and if we are to take into consideration what the FlexiSPY reviews Android/iOS have to say as well, the most ideal FlexiSPY subscription is the Premium. This is because it already offers basic and advanced monitoring and tracking features. 

When we’re to pick just one from the three available packages, the Premium version tops the list. If we are, however, to compare FlexiSPY’s Premium version to other spy apps’ premium versions, it’s still way more expensive and less worthy.

Of course, the Extreme somehow offers more in-depth spying capabilities, but we personally don’t think that the additional cost ($100 for a quarterly subscription and $200 for an annual subscription) is worth it. 

Like the other two subscriptions, when you avail of the Premium package, you get to perform certain remote actions and to choose the visibility option you need, as well as gain access to dashboard alerts. Here’s some other information you get to see when you choose the FlexiSPY app’s premium version.

    • Phone Call Logs (actual call recordings which could result in legal ramifications in certain states/counties)
    • MMS/SMS Messages or iMessages
    • Third-Party Messenger Call Logs (limited to Facebook, LINE, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp only)
    • Third-Party Messenger Chat Conversations (deleted conversations aren’t recorded on certain apps like Snapchat)
    • Emails
    • Application Activity Screenshots (not real-time)
    • SIM Changed Notification
    • Address Book
    • GPS Location Tracking (often inaccurate – some captured data are 1 mile from the actual location)
    • Web Browser Activities and Bookmarks (incomplete logs)
    • Network connections
    • Keylogger
    • Multimedia Files (some images and videos are corrupted)
    • Calendar


FlexiSPY Contacts for Support

As aforementioned, the FlexiSPY software isn’t perfect – it has its fair share of loopholes and vulnerabilities. This is why it’s important that you know how to reach out to them in case (which is more likely) you’ll come across certain issues. Spoiler alert though, the response time and turnaround time of raised tickets aren’t perfect and smooth as well.

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