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FlexiSpy Review FlexiSpy Review
These and all cell phone monitoring apps may only be used for legitimate and lawful purposes by authorized users. Installing or using any app... FlexiSpy Review

These and all cell phone monitoring apps may only be used for legitimate and lawful purposes by authorized users. Installing or using any app for any other purpose may violate local, state and/or federal law.


THE GOOD / Many useful features including call recording (which may be illegal in your state).

THE BAD / Very expensive. $349.00 for the version that contains the most sought after features.

THE BOTTOM LINE / In my opinion it is not worth the hefty price tag. There are many other, less expensive alternatives offering similar features.



When it comes to spy phone software developers you cannot leave out FlexiSpy. This program truly does rank among the best when it comes to overall performance. The downside is that you practically need a PhD to install and use the darn thing! But more on that later…

FlexiSpy comes in two basic packages, the Extreme, which contains every feature the program has to offer and the Premium, which is a paired down version of the Extreme version.

Features of the Premium version:

  • SMS (text messages)
  • Call logs – NOT CALL RECORDING
  • Address book
  • Notes & Calendar
  • Social Media
  • Photos & Videos
  • Web history

The Premium version is quite capable but for a price tag of $149.00, but for less than half the money, you can do A LOT better with a less expensive program such as Highster Mobile or Auto Forward.

After testing the Premium package I found that most features worked as advertised with the exception of some ubiquitous bugs. The SMS took quite some time to upload and the GPS was not totally accurate. It was showing  the location of the phone almost 1 mile away from where it actually was and some of the text messages did not upload.

The Extreme version offers all of the features of the Premium plus call recording and listen to surroundings. These additional features come with a hefty price tag though. The Extreme version cost a whopping $349.00! For those of you where money is no object this may be a good choice for you. But for me, I would rather be a bit more frugal and go with a less expensive program or another program altogether.

Though FlexiSpy offers all basic features, anyone looking to purchase this program should note that some advanced features offered by other programs are not available in FlexiSpy. Unfortunately, this application does not have any blocking option in terms of applications, websites, contacts, and numbers. Also, this program has no option to receive notifications if the target device has any inappropriate content in it.

While using FlexiSpy, I also felt that the creators of this program have ignored the requirements of the common man with no or limited exposure to advanced technology. User friendliness is one of my basic expectations out of any technology because there are many prospective users that are not technology savvy.

Talking about the price, I feel that the price of FlexiSpy is on the higher side compared to some other spyware applications. There is no doubt in my mind that $350 is a bit too high a price for what this program offers.

There is no denying the fact that FlexiSpy is a decent mobile spying program with all basic features. However, there are many similar programs in the market that are less expensive and more user friendly.

Overall Rating: 7.2 – Because of its mediocre performance and reliability and the high price and complicated nature of it.

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Michael Rosman

Michael Rosman

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