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How To Clone A Phone Without Touching It How To Clone A Phone Without Touching It

How To Clone A Phone Without Touching It

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Many people have been asking us how to clone a phone without touching it. Their reasons for asking will vary,... How To Clone A Phone Without Touching It

Many people have been asking us how to clone a phone without touching it. Their reasons for asking will vary, but there’s one reliable option for cloning a phone, cell phone spy software. Consumers from varying backgrounds and ages make use of spy software to gather and backup data from another cell phone. What you normally only see in the movies can actually be done by the everyday person. Below, we’ll discuss what exactly cell phone cloning is, how to clone a cell phone, and why you should use mobile spy software to do so. 

What’s Cell Phone Cloning?

When you or someone else clones a phone, they create an exact copy of your cell phone. The data of the phone that’s being copied is backup up, and transferred to another smartphone. Often, people will clone another’s phone for illegal purposes, which we do not condone. However, many cell phone owners will clone their phone just in case it ends up being lost or stolen.

How To Clone Data From Another Phone

Now, how exactly do you clone phone using mobile spy software? First, you need to choose the best product for you. At the top of our list is Highster Mobile for iPhone or Android. The instructions below are based off of that product. 

Cloning An Android Phone:

    • Step 1: Download and install the app on the cell phone you want to clone. 
    • Step 2: Enter the license key sent to you via email.
    • Step 3: Log into your control panel on your own device, and make sure the app is connected to the target phone.
    • Step 4: View the Android data that’s been cloned. 

Cloning An iPhone: 

    • Step 1: Log into your spy app account on your phone. 
    • Step 2: Enter the Apple ID and password of the phone you want to clone. 
    • Step 3: Check to make sure the phone was cloned on your account, and view the data from your dashboard. 

Why People Use Spy Software To Clone A Phone

These software programs have become quite popular since cell phones rule our daily lives. With the many uses of mobile phones, people worry about the negative things it can bring about. People have different reasons for getting information from someone else’s phone. 

For parents, they want to monitor and have a copy of their child’s phone information to protect them. They want to not only ensure their child’s safety, but have proof if they are being targeted by a criminal or bully. 

Employers, on the other hand, want to keep track of their employees in the workplace to make sure no confidential data leaks out to other companies. By cloning company-owned devices, they will have a backup of any business information in case the data is leaked, or the phone is lost, stolen, or broken. 

There are many other reasons why people want to clone another person’s phone. It may seem wrong to most people’s point of view, but as long as it is not abused, it can be justified. Whatever your view may be, cell phone spy software does the job of recovering, backing up, and storing someone’s phone data remotely. 

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