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Guide To Using A Spy App To Track Facebook On An Android Phone Guide To Using A Spy App To Track Facebook On An Android Phone

Guide To Using A Spy App To Track Facebook On An Android Phone

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Though one of the pioneering social media apps, Facebook has managed to retain its popularity. This digital platform has certainly caught the... Guide To Using A Spy App To Track Facebook On An Android Phone

Though one of the pioneering social media apps, Facebook has managed to retain its popularity. This digital platform has certainly caught the attention of billions of users across the globe. Included with Facebook is Messenger, one of the most trusted free messaging apps. Its popularity, however, is the same reason why most criminals have turned this platform into their virtual den.

This is where a Facebook spy app for Android comes in handy. Such monitoring software programs are designed to simultaneously record Facebook activities. This is specifically useful for parents especially since 51% of kids aged 13 to 17 use Facebook. Though there are also adult victims, most cybercrimes involve children because they are easier to target and persuade. 


Reasons To Use A Facebook Spy App On Android

Paid or free Facebook spy apps for Android are beneficial provided that a user uses it properly and legally. Android Facebook chat spy apps, for instance, can help you spy on Facebook Messenger sent or received communications. This includes conversations that have been deleted. 

Depending on the brand and package you avail of, a Facebook spy app for Android can serve many purposes. Regardless if you acquire one for personal or business use, you can surely reap various benefits.

Below are the common reasons why one installs a paid or free Facebook spy app for Android.

Child Monitoring

Parents utilize a Facebook Messenger spy app to monitor whom their children are interacting with. See who they’re friending and track their chat conversation. You never truly know who your child is messaging. It could be a catfisher or sexual predator! Monitoring Facebook activities is one of the most efficient ways to help kids from online threats. 

Employee Monitoring

Employers rely on a paid or free Facebook spy app for Android to track activities on company-issued devices. Doing this will help promote productivity and avoid misuse of work hours. However, always be sure to get an employee’s consent before monitoring company devices. 

Monitoring Your Loved Ones

You can utilize a spy app to monitor a loved one’s Facebook account with their permission. Whether it is your parents or partner, monitoring their Facebook will ensure they are safe from online criminals. You will also be able to monitor their other social media account like on Instagram and Snapchat. 


Data You Can Access Using a Facebook Spy Android App

Monitoring apps enable users to have remote access to their target devices. In just a few clicks, they can view all activities within the phone and on other installed phone apps. Depending on which Facebook spy app for Android you install, you can view all this information using an online account or a separate control panel. This is where the app simultaneously feeds all generated reports.

Using a reliable Facebook spy software for Android, you’ll get instant access to data including:

    • Sent and received messages, even deleted ones
    • Exchanged multimedia files such as photos, videos, and audio recordings
    • Status posts and updates
    • Comments on posts
    • Shared posts
    • About Info of the Facebook user
    • Friends lists and contacts
    • Following pages and groups

But how is this data able to be accessed by spy apps? 

Well, it’s quite simple. Once you decide on an Android spy app, follow the instructions provided to install it on the target device. Usually, you will need to click on an OTA (Over-The-Air) link or enter your product information during this process. After installation, data from the target phone (Facebook, messages, etc.) will be directly uploaded to your online account or dashboard. There, you can easily view the target device’s data which is automatically updated in real-time.


Is It Legal To Use Spy Apps To Track Facebook & Messenger on Android?

Monitoring software enables you to track your loved one’s or employee’s phone and social network activities, including Facebook. And yet, there are repercussions in the use of this software. Some rules need to be followed to avoid any legal problems.

To monitor a target phone, you must be: 

  1. A parent or guardian of the child being tracked. The child must be under the age of 18.
  2. An employer monitoring company-owned devices with the permission of its employees. 
  3. A person monitoring their loved one’s device with their knowledge and permission. 


Top 5 Facebook Spy Android Apps

Here at, our digital specialists always test any application recommended on our site. Social media monitoring apps have captured our attention. We are constantly on the lookout for the best spy apps for Android devices, especially for Facebook and Messenger users. 

Various factors have been considered to help identify the most efficient tracking software. From hundreds of different products, we were able to narrow the list down to the top five. 

Auto Forward

Auto Forward is compatible with all Android devices. This app provides real-time coverage of the device you’re monitoring including its GPS location. It enables you to spy on Facebook messages and activities. Auto Forward extracts and shows all available content from Messenger, such as chats, Instant Messages (I.M.s), and Direct Messages (D.M.s), even if they have been deleted. It is undetectable and neatly organizes the data for future viewing. 

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile has several monitoring features that don’t require rooting. It can collect photos, videos, posts, and Messenger chats, and much more from an Android device. The software is guaranteed malware-free; they have a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 support from expert technicians.

DDI Utilities

The DDI Utilities monitoring software can dig deep into a target device. This can grant instant access to all social media platforms such as Facebook. It can recover and backup lost or inaccessible data such as photos, videos, posts, messages, and more. The software is useful on damaged devices and retrieving accidentally deleted data.   


PhoneSpector has the most cutting-edge spy technology including its Facebook spy features. It is also one of the most trusted apps to remotely access phones. PhoneSpector can access Facebook Messenger chats, photos, videos, posts, chats, and more. It can also recover previously-stored or deleted information. 

Easy Spy

Easy Spy is a simple and efficient application for any Android device. It is designed for novice users to control any device even without having physical access to it. It utilizes an OTA (over-the-air) method that allows remote installation. The app can extract information such as posts, Messenger chats, contacts, multimedia files, and more.

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