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Ensuring Social Media Safety with Cell Phone Spy Software Ensuring Social Media Safety with Cell Phone Spy Software

Ensuring Social Media Safety with Cell Phone Spy Software

With a new social media network popping... Ensuring Social Media Safety with Cell Phone Spy Software

Best Cell Phone Spy AppsWith a new social media network popping up almost every other day, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of who our children are interacting with. On one level, the level of interconnectivity is a blessing. We can keep up with classmates, coworkers, and old friends. On the other hand, Facebook allows 1.44 Billion people access to our children alone. It’s a sad fact of life that some of those people mean them harm. Fortunately, there are those who set out to protect those same children. First and foremost, are the parents? As a parent, there is nothing more precious than the safety of your child. But how do you protect your child from over a billion people? The simple solution is to just monitor your child’s Facebook and social media outlets to make sure they aren’t associating with anyone who could bring them harm. Of course, asking your child for their phone so you can go through it can foster feelings of resentment and invasion of privacy. You can obviously also go through it without their knowledge, but then you have Department of Defense level encryption and passwords and lock screens to get through.

This leaves you with an ideal solution of a monitoring software. Now most monitoring software applications are just a cell phone spy, Best Cell Phone Spy Appsallowing you to read text logs, and possibly recover deleted messages. Surepoint on the other hand, is much more than a simple cell phone spy. Surepoint allows you to monitor not only your child’s text messages, but also their social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Tinder, and others allow untold people access to your child, but Surepoint also allows you to access these social media accounts. With this access you can audit your child’s interactions with not only their friends but with strangers who may wish them harm. It seems like every day the news tells us of yet another child taken advantage of by someone posing as a friend or fellow young person online. With the best cell phone spy, Surepoint, you can put a stop to any potentially harmful activity before it gets to that point. Surepoint becomes the wall between your children and those that would mean them harm, and gives you all the tools you need to guard that wall.

With Surepoint spy you can keep track not only of text messages, and social media but also call logs, GPS records, Skype, and even Browser History. Surepoint spy is a complete cell phone spy software for protecting your child from predators online that may wish the, harm. With it, you can monitor everything your child does online and you can absolutely insure that they are being safe with the information they choose to share.

Don’t have a child, but feel like you’re dealing with children when you talk about your employee’s texting and social media habits while at work? SurePoint Spy can help you monitor your employee’s social media and texting habits. Including where they log into, how often they log in, what they like and share. Basically EVERYTHING!