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Employee Errors: Preventing Turnover, Harassment and Other Issues Employee Errors: Preventing Turnover, Harassment and Other Issues
One of the main reasons business owners or managers seek out the help of a cell phone spy software is to ensure productivity... Employee Errors: Preventing Turnover, Harassment and Other Issues

One of the main reasons business owners or managers seek out the help of a cell phone spy software is to ensure productivity and prevent misuse of company property. However, there are so many more things you can ascertain through careful monitoring and by utilizing all the features the monitoring spyware offers.

Let’s take a product like Highster Mobile Spy, a software to spy on a cell phone, and evaluate how we can use select features and apply its benefits to an average workday. You’ll find out that you can do much more than monitor productivity. Below we have outlined some sensitive interoffice topics that can be monitored and prevented using Highster Mobile Spy:

  • Employees emailing resumes or looking for another job = Turnover
  • Employees emailing client lists = Poaching, loss of client/income
  • Employees having inappropriate interoffice relations = Turnover or potential sexual harassment claims
  • Employees texting or trolling social media = Performance errors and inefficiency
  • Employees (specifically drivers) on their phone during work = Accidents and potential injuries
  • Employees playing on phones = Bad work environment and infractions

All of the above mention behaviors can lead to much more serious issues than lack of productivity. Issues that can be potentially destructive to a company or business.

In addition to all the preventative behavior monitoring Highster Mobile Spy has tracking and locking features that can benefit employers as well.

For example if you own a company that requires your employees to make deliveries, drive trucks or tasks that require them to leave the office, then you can remote monitor the phone/employee’s location through the GPS tracking feature. You will be able to determine if they stayed on the designated route throughout their day or if they veered off into an unauthorized direction. This feature also comes in handy if the employee loses or misplaces the phone and you can combine it with the remote lock feature to protect data stored on the phone.

You will be able to track inbound and outbound emails from the company phone to ensure no classified or sensitive information was taken or released by employees.

Purchasing and installing Highster Mobile, the best cell phone spy, on the company cell phones will payoff long-term. The program is easy to use and easy to monitor. Employees who know their actions are being monitored are less likely to waste time, fraternize, cut corners, come in late and leave early and countless other problematic behaviors. You will also be able to cut down on employee turnover, implement training exercises based on behavior you notice and boost moral but cutting down on employees who don’t perform making work harder for others.

Adding this spyware feature as a part of your company’s day to day operations will free up time from worrying, guessing and mediating issues as they arise. This will allow you to focus on more important company business. Delegating this monitoring responsibility to your management team is also a good idea to free up even more time. This tool will help your managers more effectively run their departments and allow them to report back to you factual information concerning performance and cell phone activities instead of guessing.

There are many ways cell phone monitoring can benefit a company. The biggest and most common reason is productivity but in this article we have proven there are other benefits. Highster Mobile Spy is the solution to potential problems and typical pitfalls in the workplace.


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