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The Emoji Craze Continues To Grow Worldwide! The Emoji Craze Continues To Grow Worldwide!
Emojis are taking over the world! July 17th was World Emoji Day and people couldn't have been more excited! It’s amazing how... The Emoji Craze Continues To Grow Worldwide!

Emojis are taking over the world! July 17th was World Emoji Day and people couldn’t have been more excited! It’s amazing how popular emojis have become and how often they are used. To celebrate this wondrous occasion, here are some highlights about emojis everyone should know.

How The Emoji Came To Be

Not many people know who invented the emoji and the major events that led up to the craze it is today. Here’s a summary on the Emoji’s Rise to Popularity.

world emoji day

Trending Emoji Topics

iPhone X: Animoji

At the Apple Event on September 12th, 2017, it was announced that with the iPhone X comes the next evolution of the Emoji, Animoji. With this new phone having Face Recognition (FaceID), this feature is used to scan the user’s face to create animated emojis. Some of the Animojis available include a Chicken, Unicorn, Poop, and Alien. Watch the video below to this feature up close!

Gboard Emoji Update

The latest Gboard update at the beginning of June included texting phrase and drawing recognition phone software. So, if you want to include your favorite emoji in a text, you can draw it and Gboard will recognize it! Another notable update was the quick Google Translate texting option on this keyboard.

56 New Emojis Coming Out

A few weeks ago, it was announced that 56 new emojis would be released later this year. Some of the new emojis include zombie, flying saucer, head exploding, and barf. My favorite is the vampire! Below is a preview of some of the new emojis:

The Emoji Movie

Emoji fanatics are freaking out about The Emoji Movie! All your favorite emojis are in it: poop, meh, hi-5, fist bump, and smiley! This movie has an all-star cast including T.J. Miller, Anna Faris, Sofia Vergara, James Corden, and the list goes on. Guess who is playing the poop emoji? It’s non-other than Professor X aka Patrick Stewart! With him playing poop, it has officially become my favorite emoji.

With World Emoji Day, emojis deserve to be celebrated worldwide. What is your favorite emoji? Tweet @digitaladdicts_ and let us know!  

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