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Different Ways To Look Up People’s Records Online Different Ways To Look Up People’s Records Online

Different Ways To Look Up People’s Records Online

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In today’s day and age you need to search a person to make sure they are who they claim to be and... Different Ways To Look Up People’s Records Online

In today’s day and age you need to search a person to make sure they are who they claim to be and see their public records to get a full snapshot of their history.  You may need to lookup people’s records if you’ve just started dating someone you met online, your child’s little league coach or your contractor you’re letting into your home. There are a few different ways to gather all of this information and lookup people’s records.  

Google Search

While Google is the #1 Search Engine, it will not give you as much access to people’s records online as a Person Search.  You may be able to access some details of a person’s public records, for instance if they were arrested and it made the local papers. Unfortunately, not everything makes the papers.

Google may be able to bring you to someone’s social media profiles if they used their full name and have public accounts.  It will also bring you to their LinkedIn profile if they have one so you will be able to find out employment history if they are being accurate and honest on their profile.  

However, it will not provide you with an in depth report of all of their records in one place.  You will have to go from site to site searching and gathering information in hopes you have completed the puzzle and are getting the full picture.

Local Records

Most public records are at the local level: city, county and state.  The county sheriff or local police usually maintain arrest records.  Births, deaths, divorces and marriages are usually kept by the count clerk where the event happened.   The county assessor stores ownership and deed information for property and it’s usually searchable online.

Liens can typically be searched at the Secretary of State’s office for the given state.   To find out ownership of a corporation or LLC you will need to contact the Secretary of State’s office.  In some state’s this information is private.

All of this information takes time to gather and requires you to go to multiple different sources and request access to this information.  

People Search

A People Search Engine, like Kiwi Searches enables you to search through all available public records and compile information creating your own background report.  It takes a few minutes to access all of the information once you’ve verified the person you are searching for. The information submitted is fully confidential so you’ll never have to worry the individual will be notified of your search.  

Kiwi Searches utilizes state-of-the art technology to help you run a background check on anyone at any time.  In the past, this kind of information had been difficult to find and even harder to access on your own. Fortunately, with Kiwi Searches’ short and simple search process they take all the hard work out of compiling your own background check report. What would normally have taken several days to several weeks to complete can now be done in as little as a few minutes.

Simply enter the name of any individual you want to know more about and click the search button to start. Kiwi Searches will instantly begin searching through billions of records in order to find any available background information on that person. These records are stored in an ever expanding database. so you can be sure that the information provided to you in your report is both up-to-date and 100% accurate.

Public Records Online

You can expect to find information in your Person Search that may include the following:

  • Address records
  • Arrest records
  • Assets
  • Bankruptcies
  • Birth records
  • Business ownership
  • Civil judgments
  • Court records
  • Criminal history
  • Death certificates
  • Education history
  • Email addresses
  • Employment records
  • Hunting and fishing licenses
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Phone numbers
  • Professional licenses
  • Property records
  • Sex offender databases
  • Social media profiles
  • Tax liens
  • Telephone numbers
  • Traffic violations and tickets
  • Weapons permits

Why Run A Person Search?

You may be getting ready to meet someone for the first time you have been chatting with from an online dating site. Make sure you are meeting up with the person they say they are and they aren’t already married, you should lookup their records online.  

If your child is going to be spending a lot of time with a coach or a babysitter you should absolutely run a Person Search on this individual.  You will want to know if they are on the sex offender list or have any criminal records. Your child’s life is precious and you can’t trust it to just anyone.  

If you’ve just hired a contractor to perform work on your home. You are going to be paying him a large sum of money and granting him access to your property. You will want to check up on his credentials.  Make sure he owns his own business and is licensed and insured. And that he has no financial issues like bankruptcies or liens.

Protect Yourself

It is so important in today’s world that we protect ourselves. Make sure to lookup people’s records online. Take these steps to ensure the people you are letting into your lives and the lives and the lives of your loved ones have the best intentions. With a People Search Engine as intuitive and user friendly as Kiwi Searches you should be vetting everyone you let into your life.  

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