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Dating A Married Man: Is It Worth It? Dating A Married Man: Is It Worth It?
Sometimes, women may knowingly (or unknowingly) enter into a relationship with a married man. The man may tell you up front that... Dating A Married Man: Is It Worth It?

Sometimes, women may knowingly (or unknowingly) enter into a relationship with a married man. The man may tell you up front that they’re married, but are “going through a rough patch.” Or they may hide the fact that they’re married altogether. Either way, you’ll likely find out at some point that you’re dating a married man. Now what? What do you do when you find out you’re dating someone who’s married? Below, we list some questions to ask yourself, and if you decide the relationship is not worth it, we describe how to stop dating a married man.

Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Dating A Married Man

It’s important to think before you act and decide whether or not to continue this relationship. You need to dive deep and truly analyze your relationship with the married man. Here are essential questions to ask yourself before making a final decision.  

Is This Relationship A Fling Or Is It Serious?

The answer to this question will have a MAJOR impact on your final decision. The bottom line is that if the relationship isn’t serious, and possibly just a fling or for fun, it’s not worth it. Why continue something that’s not going to last, especially when there are so many risks involved?

2. Are They Divorcing Their Wife?

When in a serious relationship with a man, you assume that they will divorce their wife. But has he actually said that to you? If he hasn’t, this is a red flag that he doesn’t put much stock into the relationship as you do, and likely won’t get a divorce.

3. Are You Okay Dealing With Any Consequences From This Affair?

There are many risks associated with having an affair, especially if the man has a wife and a family. Can you handle the grief knowing you contributed to breaking a family apart? Also, are you ready to be a parent? These are things to consider if the man you’re dating has a family. 

4. Do You Truly Know Him?

Before committing to the relationship, ask yourself, do you truly know him? It’s common for a married man to lie if he’s trying to hide his affair from his family, friends, and coworkers. In order for any relationship to work, you must know his true life, not just his fairytale affair one.

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How To Stop Dating A Married Man

So, what did you decide? Will you stay with the married man or break-up? If you decide to stay with him, make sure to take your steps lightly, taking into account all parties that may be involved. If you decide to break-up, follow our tips below on how to stop dating a married man.

– Catch Him In A Lie

Married men often lie to their mistress about something at some point. Be observant, and catch him in a lie. Address him about it, and if he is making excuse after excuse, use it as a reason to end the relationship.

– Fake Your Pregnancy

This method is a bit extreme but effective. The man you’re dating will show their true colors if you reveal you’re pregnant (not really though). Their reaction right after revealing this will give you the insight into whether the relationship is real or they’re just using you. If their actions clearly portray that they don’t want the baby, use that as ammo to dump them. Eventually, you will have to fess up about your rouse.

 – Just Talk To Him About Your Feelings

When dating a married man, the most practical way to approach the situation is to just be upfront about your feelings. They may possibly be feeling the same way and don’t want to continue the relationship as well. Make sure to use many “I” references to clearly show you are taking responsibility for your feelings and your decision to terminate the relationship.


If you’re dating a married man, make sure to ask yourself the above questions to help determine whether the relationship is worth it. If at any time you believe he is hiding information about his life from you or is lying, you can learn more by doing a person search. My only warning is that if you continue the relationship, tread lightly and remember to consider any other parties involved.

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