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Cocospy Review Cocospy Review
Cocospy is a parental control and monitoring solution for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The product is practically identical to Minspy in terms of... Cocospy Review

Cocospy is a parental control and monitoring solution for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The product is practically identical to Minspy in terms of features, the products they offer, pricing, and the website itself. Cocospy sells iPhone monitoring software with no-jailbreak and Android tracking software. Users can view social media messages, texts, phone location, media files, call logs, browser history, and more.

Since this monitoring app is new to the market, we couldn’t find any reliable and real customer reviews about Cocospy. Because of this, we cannot conclude what customers think about this product. 

With the above in mind, including the Cocospy app appearing identical to Minspy, we recommend using another product instead, such as Auto Forward. Auto Forward is more affordable than Cocospy, has better features, and is a veteran cell phone and spy app that customers trust. 

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How Does Cocospy Extract Data?

Cocospy’s iPhone and Android both achieve the same goal: extracting data that is on the target phone (the phone being monitored). However, the process of achieving this is different depending on the target device. 

cocospy review

For using Cocospy on an iPhone or iPad, you do not need to jailbreak the iPhone. Once you have purchased the app, you sign in to your account and enter the iCloud credentials associated with the target device. However, you may have to disable two-factor authentication if it is enabled. Once connected, the target device’s information will be uploaded to your Cocospy account.

For using Cocospy on an Android phone, you do not need to root the device. However, the process of installing the Cocospy Android app is a little more work than doing so on an iPhone. You need physical access to the target Android device, following the directions provided by the company. Once it is connected, the device’s data is extracted and sent to your Cocospy account. 


What Are The Cocospy Features?

Cocospy has the exact same features as Minspy, both are helpful for parents monitoring their child’s device or employers monitoring company-owned devices (with permission).

    • Message Spying: View text messages, social media messages (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook), and private messaging apps like WhatsApp. 
    • Track Phone Location & Geofencing: Find the target device’s GPS location and geofence areas they frequent or are forbidden from visiting. 
    • Call Tracking: See all incoming and outgoing calls (and their details) and see their most contacted contacts. 
    • Track Website History: View the sites visited on the target phone and their web bookmarks. 
    • Stealth Mode: With this mode, users can discreetly and invisibly track a phone’s activities. 


Is Cocospy Legal To Use?

Just like similar products on the market, Cocospy is legal to use. However, it may be illegal in some states or countries, so always check your local, state, and federal laws. The three scenarios in which it’s always legal are as follows:

    • A parent monitoring their child’s device which they bought, and their child is younger than 18-years-old
    • An employer monitors their employees’ company-owned devices with their knowledge and permission.
    • A situation where the phone owner knows that this product is being used on their device and grants permission to do so.  


Is Cocospy The Best Option? 

As we said when comparing Minspy and Auto Forward, Auto Forward is the better option when looking for cell phone monitoring and spy software. Cocospy is too expensive for the average consumer, it doesn’t include all the features Auto Forward has, and they have a long way to go since it’s new to the market. When it comes to this comparison, the product price is vital. Who wants to pay a monthly subscription when you can just purchase the product outright at an affordable price? 

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