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Cell Phone Spy Software: A Guide for Skeptics Cell Phone Spy Software: A Guide for Skeptics
Many people are skeptics or skeptical about tech products until they see them in action first hand. They don’t believe advanced technology makes people’s... Cell Phone Spy Software: A Guide for Skeptics

Many people are skeptics or skeptical about tech products until they see them in action first hand. They don’t believe advanced technology makes people’s lives easier, better or that it performs all the functions it claims. Honestly some people don’t want to evolve with the times. While other people cringe at the thought of fancy gadgetry or reading the user’s manual of something electronic.

The non-tech savvy have a preconceived notion that everything modern is difficult. They think technology is too hard to utilize unless you’re technologically advanced. With that mindset certain consumers never take the time to learn about tech products that could actually improve their quality of life or serve a much needed purpose.

Let’s start with a simple program like cell phone spy software. It can be a parent’s best friend and a slacker employee’s worst nightmare. See with that sentence we’ve established the software can be used by parents at home or by company owners at work. But what is monitoring software or spyware and is it really necessary to spy on a cell phone? Does it work and is it as easy as it claims to be? Yes it does work and yes it is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Monitoring software or spyware is a program that can copy data from a targeted cellphone being used by employee or child and relay all of the information to the person monitoring phone.

As a skeptic you will want to look for a few things before your purchase. Not all monitoring products are the same. As long as you can checkoff 3 service features of the product you’re buying, then it’s a legitimate brand. Below is a short list of customer services typically offered. The best cell phone spy product would have at least 3 of these services:

  1. Customer service phone number or live chat
  2. Website with instructions
  3. Product reviews from third party
  4. Money back guarantee
  5. Extended warranty plans or features
  6. Instructional video or link to YouTube video

If you’re going to invest in monitoring software you want to make sure it fulfills all your specific needs and ticks the boxes on your checklist. You want it to fit into the budget you have allocated for the item and you want it to be easy to use. Simple enough, right? Below is a list of features required by parents and employers that should be found in a quality monitoring software/spyware.

  1. Copies of any and all kind of messages
  2. GPS location and activation
  3. Browser history search
  4. Copy of call log – incoming and outgoing
  5. Copies of digital files: photos and videos
  6. Shows installed apps, hidden app and any app running with data
  7. Supplies deleted content
  8. Remote monitoring (means you don’t have to be in same location as phone)
  9. Easy to use and understand
  10. Copies of all social media content

You can visit the features page of any product you’re considering to compare and contrast features, prices and customer service options. We recommend Highster Mobile Spy for its ease of use, detailed website and HelpDesk available before and after purchase.

Highster Mobile Spy meets the criteria of skeptics, tech challenged and the nervous parent types.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown prevent you from protecting your kids or monitoring your business. Take a few minutes out of your day to read up on monitoring software and the benefits of applying it to your life.

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