Cell Phone Spy Features to Look for in Flexispy and mSpy Reviews

Cell Phone Spy Features.jpgJust like when buying any other merchandise or product especially online, it’s important that you read a couple of mSpy reviews and Flexispy reviews before you decide on which product to purchase. The good thing about cell phone spy products is that there are specific features you can look for, which will help you weigh your options and come up with the best decision eventually.

What you’ll find below are the common yet important features of a cell phone spyware:

Hidden and Untraceable. It’s important for this kind of software to be undetectable and to work in a very discreet manner. In short, you must be able to install the app on the target cell phone without the user of the device knowing that it is being monitored. In any Flexispy review you will read, you’ll find that this product really works well without showing any signs of spying.

Rooting Android Devices. Most cell phone spy apps require the rooting of Android devices before installation. Rooting is a process that sets an Android device free from all the restrictions set by Android operating system. After the device has been rooted, it will be possible to install and run third party apps, such as monitoring or cell phone spying programs like Flexispy and mSpy.

Jailbreaking for iOS Devices. Whereas Android devices need to be rooted, devices running on iOS need to be jailbroken in order for any phone spy app to be installed on them. As we all know, Apple devices tend to be very strict when it comes to the apps that can be installed on them. That’s why it’s almost impossible for you to install a spy app on an iPhone without jailbreaking the smartphone first.

Physical Access to the Target Phone Is Required. No matter how advanced our technology is today, it is still not possible to install cell phone spy software on a target phone remotely. This means that you need to have the target phone so you could manually install the phone spy app. There are lots of products online that claim they can be installed on a target phone remotely, but you shouldn’t believe in any of those claims. Reading a couple of Flexispy reviews should make you understand that spy programs cannot be installed using Bluetooth.

Network Connection Is a Requirement. When you spy on a target phone, of course you expect to receive a lot of information or data from it. You can access all such information through your online account once you have logged in. Take note, however, that the target phone needs to connect to the Internet first before the phone spy to actually work in it. As you will see in any mSpy review, the only way phone spy programs could work is for the device to be connected to the Internet.

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