Cell Monitoring Software Approach Used By Employers

Cell Monitoring Software Approach Used By Employers.jpgTechnology nowadays has offered a digital approach to staff monitoring for employers via cell monitoring software. However debates on its inclusion are still on-going, already benefactors are enjoying how information transfer is done without having to literally access the phone. Best Spy Apps website will guide you on tips and tricks on software usage.

Cell Activities That Incline Employees to Slack at Work

The heightened risk of productivity in the workplace due to untimely cell phone usage as supposed to be doing tasks made company owners aggressively include software installation as part of work policy on corporate-given phones. Here are typical cell phone activities that get in the way of employees’ efficiency in between work:

  • Calling or Texting family / friends
  • Abusively browsing the internet
  • Engaging in social media interactions
  • Sexting
  • Trading company secrets on and offline
  • Downloading the hottest apps and games available

What is even more appealing to employers is how to monitor cell phone activity approach screens all the above-mentioned activities made by employees including tracking their GPS location.

Apps that made it on Most-Recommended List

The list is in accordance to satisfactory reviews made by software users online which are not only composed of employers but parents who have children engrossed with cell spy monitoring software and in some cases, wives / husbands with spouses engaging in extra-marital affairs.  All that will be mentioned are paid software amounting to not more than $30 monthly or $70 annually without any hidden charges or whatsoever fees and are compatible with units under Android and iOS (Apple) operating system.

  1. Highster Mobile
  2. AutoForward
  3. DDI Utilities

Both 2 & 3 works as a data recovery software apart from monitoring

  1. SurePoint Spy
  2. Easy Spy

Legal Implications of Cell Phone Monitoring

In most cases, state laws allow employers to monitor work-related doings; given that employees have know-how and sign a policy which clearly stipulates company property (corporate phones) offense. It should be included in its stipulation that any given device issued by the company should be utilized mainly for work-associated reasons and that activities are subject for monitoring except during break time.  Otherwise, it is obviously a neglect on the part of employers as to the privacy of employees at risk.


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