Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
Audio Surveillance in the Information Age
A hidden microphone is able to accomplish a whole lot when it comes to the world of surveillance. Audio surveillance is one of the most important parts of surveillance, because one is able to record a conversation or anything else that may be taking place within the appropriate... Read more
Surveillance Gear in the Modern World
There are a growing number of surveillance products available that give one the ability to effectively monitor, through audio or video recordings, what someone else may or may not be doing. Thefts and burglaries occur all the time, unfortunately, and the best way to ensure that one’s property is... Read more
Protect Your Daughters
  Your daughters are among the most important people in your life. Children all need to be protected. And it’s never been more important to watch out for your daughter’s safety in what’s too often a dangerous world. Girls are specifically targeted by many unsavory people not limited to bullies,... Read more
Your Aging Parents
Why it might be a good idea to install a spy app on their phones If you’re like millions of Americans with aging parents, you worry about their safety and well-being. It’s kind of ironic since they worried about yours for decades as they raised you from infant to adulthood—and... Read more
When Your Relative Has a Mental Illness
Mental illnesses are, tragically, more common than anyone would like to believe. They affect millions of people globally every year. Depending on the nature of the illness, many patients deal with the frightening reality of psychosis, erratic behavior, and so on. As a concerned relative, you can help keep... Read more
Keeping Your Children Safe From Predators
Predators are everywhere. They may be teachers or coaches. They might be neighbors. You can’t always know if someone is safe for your child. If your child is being abused by another adult, they might not often tell you what’s going on at first. If you have reason to... Read more