Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
How To Find a Hidden Spy Camera
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Is A Hidden Spy Microphone Listening In On You? Here’s How To Find Out!
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How To Tell If There Are Hidden Security Cameras Spying On You
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Kids Spy Gear & Tools Parents Need To Try!
It’s a parent’s job to protect their children and make sure they’re safe. But how can this be done without coming off as over-protective? The solution is using spy gear to monitor your child’s activities online and offline. Being a technology spying expert, I have compiled a list... Read more
Monitoring and Criminal Activity: Is Your Child at Risk?
Do you know the people your child hangs out with?  How well do you know them? What about kids at their school and those known to influence others with negative actions?  There are kids that are pretty good at hiding things from their parents including getting into trouble.  Some kids like to... Read more
The Audio Recording Pen
The audio recording pen is one of the most used hidden spy gear products. Its simplicity and elegance makes it one of the most popular and iconic piece of equipment for spygear and surveillance. The pen has been used as an audio surveillance tool because it blends in so... Read more
Why SpyGear is needed in the Modern Age
  All too often on the news, there are stories about people who were robbed, and even those were hurt. The world is not as safe as it once was, and there are more ways than ever for predators to take advantage of people. Robbers break in and steal property,... Read more
Monitor Activity on Cell Phones and Computers
Monitoring someone’s activity on a cell phone or computer may seem unnecessary to those that don’t fully understand the risks and what is possible living in the digital age. Social media can be dangerous, and there are predators out there seeking to take advantage of people’s children. Learning to... Read more
Who Uses Spy Gear in 2016?
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Protecting Kids Using Spy Gear
In today’s modern world, one would think that people are safer than ever. The truth is that there are more potential threats out there than ever before, and modern technology has given criminals the means to accomplish what they never were able to before. That means that children today... Read more