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The Cyberbullying and why parents should stop that
Technology has given us so much, no doubt about it, but it has also brought to us a monster – the cyberbullies. Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that makes use of electronic gadgets like computers and mobile phones. It involves the use of harmful and hurtful photos, videos... Read more
How to Make Workplace Monitoring Legal and Ethical
If you are an employer, it is only natural for you to wonder how your workers are spending their time at work and using your company information and other resources. Aside from concerns over productivity, another thing to worry about is the possibility of your company’s reputation being at... Read more
Are Employers Entitled to Monitor Employees’ Text Messages?
Although the US Supreme Court have already ruled that employers have a right to check employees’ emails and even text messages on their phones, it remains a bit unclear what the limitations of such rights are. Can employers just demand to see an employee’s email account or his cell... Read more
How to Monitor Your Child’s Text Messages
For those parents who have been looking for a way to keep track of their kids’ cell phone activity, this is great news for you! Easy Spy has recently upgraded their apps to spy on other phones. Easy Spy software will not just allow you to read all the... Read more
The Important Role of Parents in Stopping Cyberbullying
Parents are supposed to be the first people that children can go to when they are having problems, whether it’s online or offline. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case these days as kids tend to hide so many things from their parents, especially when they are being... Read more
Use Cell Phone Spy Software to Protect Your Child Against the Game of 72
If you are a parent of teens, there is a good chance that you are getting more worried about the fact that they are spending more time with their friends than their family. This is not uncommon among teenagers these days, especially with the advent of social media and... Read more
Easy Spy Review
THE GOOD: Just like its name, it's easy-to-use. Perfect for the novice user. THE BAD: To keep it simple, they excluded some bells and whistles. If your not a "techie", you won't mind. THE BOTTOM LINE: It will get the job done. Very reliable, good user... Read more