Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Reviews
The Sound of Silence—TIME Magazine Names “The Silence Breakers” As Its Person of the Year
  It’s official, Time Magazine just announced its 2017 Person of the Year. However, it isn’t just one person. It’s a group of people. One that is growing each news day. As chosen by the magazine, the most influential persons are “The Silence Breakers”—a group... Read more
Why Businesses Need Cell Phone Tracker and Spy Software
Every company needs cell phone tracker and spy software to protect their resources and monitor work productivity. In a corporate world, you need to take advantage of every minute and second. It's the best way to achieve success and earn a profit. But in order... Read more
Daughters iPhone Reveals Secret XXXmas Present To Herself
Mike Stephenson was your normal, 48-year-old, suburban family man. Had a pretty wife and two wonderful teenage kids. Worked 9-5 as an accountant. Owned a nice two-story house one hour outside of a major metropolitan city. Lived on a beautiful, tree-lined street in a very good school... Read more
Identity Theft: What Is It and How Can Cell Phone Spy Prevent It?
  Cell phone spy software is very popular today, especially among parents and employers. It is used by parents who want to keep track of their children's online activities. Employers need it to make sure their employees... Read more
Smartphone Spy App: A Parent’s Life Saver!
With kids using cell phones all the time, parents will do whatever they can to monitor their use of them. They need to know what their child is doing online, who they're in contact with, and if they are in any danger. The easiest solution to this... Read more
Top Apps To Help Sustain Your Long Distance Relationship
Being in a long distance relationship isn't something to be afraid of. Many people meet their soulmates through online dating, even if they live thousands of miles apart. It just takes effort by both parties to sustain it.... Read more
Year of the Uber Spy
It was recently discovered that the ride-hailing company known as Uber has an undocumented feature on their handy app. Many people should find this alarming, to say the least. Believe it or not, the secret app capability—known as “entitlement”—lets Uber record what’s on the screen of iPhone users. Read more
Track Your Teen With An Android Spy App On Labor Day
With Labor Day comes many, many parties. If you are the parent of a teen, you know they will want to be going to some. How will you know their whereabouts and if they are safe? The solution is using an Android Read more
Back To School: 5 Social Media Safety Tips To Teach Your Child
If your children are on social media, you want to make sure they know the general safety rules and practices. With school beginning, it’s essential that kids know these rules especially with online predators, cyberbullying, and making... Read more
Snapchat Strikes Back With Its New Features!
To keep up with its competitors, Snapchat has recently added some new features. Will these features help Snapchat not only gain users, but possibly beat out its social media competitors? Only time will tell. The new features include... Read more