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How To Stop Teen Rebellion With Spy Software

Most parents dread the day their child becomes a teenager. They start dating, stop sharing things, and become rebellious. It’s a parent’s duty to make sure that during this rebellious phase, their teen is safe and not getting into trouble. The best way to do this is by monitoring their cell phone using spy software. […]

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The Choking Game

Parents, You Need To Be Aware Of This Dangerous Game!

The internet is a dangerous place for kids. There’s sexual predators, hackers, and life-threatening online challenges and games. The one game that continues to stick around is the Choking Game. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 1995 to 2007, 82 children have died from participating in the Choking Game. And this […]

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long distance relationship

Top Apps To Help Sustain Your Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship isn’t something to be afraid of. Many people meet their soulmates through online dating, even if they live thousands of miles apart. It just takes effort by both parties to sustain it. Most statistics on long distance relationships state the worst but ignore the fact that many of these […]

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cell phone jailbreaking

Cell Phone Jailbreaking: What Is It and Should It Be Done?

Jailbreaking devices, whether it’s your cell phone or smart TV, is common. Surprisingly, there are many people who don’t know anything about cell phone jailbreaking. What is it, what are the pros and cons, and should I do it? We answer just those questions below! What Is Cell Phone Jailbreaking? Jailbreaking your cell phone is […]

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