Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
2022’s 5 Best SMS Spy Apps For Android
SMS and text messaging is one of the most common forms of communication today. On Android phones, users opt to utilize their device’s built-in Short Message Service (SMS) service. SMS is used for sending and receiving text communications to a phone number. Other than this texting method,... Read more
2022 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps for Android: Selection Guide
In this digital generation, it seems that there are always new phone applications for mobile gaming social media, and more. Spy apps for Android phones, for instance, instantly became popular because of their extensive list of beneficial and specific... Read more
Phone Rooting: What Is It and Should It Be Done?
Cell phones offer similar functions and uses, but manufacturers tend to incorporate unique features, aiming for their brands to stand out. Android phones, per se, utilize the same operating systems but their hardware and software are designed differently.  Cell phones are pre-designed and pre-structured. Meaning, once... Read more
The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Parental Controls On Samsung Devices
In today’s technological society, it’s imperative that parents know and utilize all parental control features and settings on their children's devices. Besides Apple, the most commonly used devices by kids today come from Samsung. Samsung has a variety of Android devices and products... Read more
What’s The Best VPN For Android?
What is a VPN? A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a connection method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks. Initially used by corporations to protect sensitive data, personal VPNs are becoming increasingly more popular.  To... Read more
How To View Someone’s Online Mobile Search History
The internet has enabled us to access a world full of information and ways to connect with others. In many ways, it has improved our jobs and way of life. But even though the internet is a great tool used today, there are many dangers associated with... Read more
Pegasus WhatsApp Spyware Could Invade Your Cell Phone!
WhatsApp is one of the most popular iOS and Android apps used today, with about 1.5 billion active users. It was recently revealed that Pegasus Spyware, created by Israel’s NSO group, was being used to target WhatsApp accounts. Read more
How To Find Hidden Apps On Android Phones
Most people would have no need for hiding apps. However, there are secret apps not available to download from Google Play. Spy apps, and other applications like it, are not always visible on the home screen, and will require further digging to find. Luckily, Android devices have... Read more
Is It Possible To Locate Any Phone Without Having It?
It feels like you always lose your phone at the worst possible minute it can happen. You’re waiting for an all important text message from the person of your dreams. Or, you just have to track that package to know when your superhero coasters are arriving. A... Read more
What Is The Best Spy Camera App For Android?
In today’s high tech world, you have to wonder what gadgets are being used for spying.  A partner’s behavior changes, or a child starts to get secretive about their digital life. It might be time to consider using a spy app to get to the bottom of... Read more