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Ways Tech Can Help You Catch A Cheating Spouse Ways Tech Can Help You Catch A Cheating Spouse
Since the dawn of relationships there has been cheating in relationships. In fact, cheating is so common it’s hard to not know... Ways Tech Can Help You Catch A Cheating Spouse

Since the dawn of relationships there has been cheating in relationships. In fact, cheating is so common it’s hard to not know someone or be someone who has been cheated on by an unfaithful lover. While some cheaters aren’t the brightest and get caught easily, sometimes catching a cheating spouse or lover can be more difficult.

The Old Way To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Back in the days before the internet people were getting caught cheating just the same as they do now. Here is how to catch a cheating spouse in the “old days”

Hiring a Private Detective

If you had the money and were suspicious that your spouse was being unfaithful, you would hire a private detective to tail them. Hopefully you would get photographic evidence of an affair you could use to haul their cheating butts into court for a divorce. Private detectives still offer this service, but it is expensive and there are much cheaper and easier ways to uncover the truth.

Finding Lipstick On Their Collar

Receipts for fancy dinners or motel stays, strange underwear left behind, lipstick on the collar. All of these physical signs of an affair people would just leave behind. While there are people who leave behind physical evidence of their affairs, you have more options than just sitting and waiting for the evidence to appear.

Catch Them In Flagrante Delicto

Nobody wants to catch their partner in bed with another lover. While it’s probably the most solid evidence of cheating you are probably gonna get. Unless your partner is just super sloppy, catching them in the act is unlikely.


High Tech Ways To Catch Your Spouse

Technology is there to make lots of things easier. Unfortunately technology has made cheating easier too with apps like Tinder and dating sites like Ashley Madison. Finding people to cheat with is easier than ever. Luckily jilted lovers also have recourse with technology that can help them get to the bottom of their partner’s lies. Here are just some of the high tech ways to catch a cheating spouse.

Check Online Bank Statements

Hardly anyone uses cash these days and credit cards leave a nice trail for you to follow. Look for any hotel or motel stays. Fancy dinners you did not also go on. Shopping sprees at lingerie or jewelry stores when you haven’t gotten a gift in months. All of these are signs your partner is seeing someone else.

Track Their Location Via GPS

There are dozens of GPS trackers on the market. Since people are rarely far from their cell phones these days. If you can track their cell phone, you can track the person. With a cell phone GPS tracker you will be able to see if they are actually working late at the office like they said.

Get Their Text and Social Messages

Look for any one person they seem to be texting a lot. A clever cheater might use a nickname or keep their secret lover’s name off their phone. You can get around this by doing a reverse phone lookup and see who exactly they are texting. Look for any inappropriate messages or signs of deleted texts such as responses that don’t match up to what the previous text was about.

Phone Calls

You can also check their phone call history. If they are making lots of phone calls to one number in particular it could be a sign something is going on. Find out who exactly this person is they are talking to and determine if so many calls are appropriate.

Social Media

Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are all platforms a cheater can operate on. Private messages, excessive comments or likes from a particular person or even secret profiles you didn’t know existed are all signs that point to infidelity.

See If They Are On Dating Sites

A particularly brazen husband or wife might even sign up for dating sites like Tinder or Match to actively seek out new lovers. Creating a fake profile and look for people that fit your partners description in their area to see if they are actively trying to cheat on you.

An Easier Way To Catch Your Spouse Cheating

Collecting all of this data from your partner’s phone can seem daunting, especially if they constantly have it with them. A way around that is installing phone monitoring software that can be secretly installed on their phone without them ever having to know. Apps like Highster Mobile can remotely spy on almost any smartphone. They can give you information like photos, text messages (even deleted ones!), phone calls, internet and social media history, GPS location and more. The best thing is that all of this is sent remotely to your phone without alerting the other person. You will be able to catch a cheating spouse in minutes with all the evidence you ever need.

Suspecting your spouse or partner is cheating on you is a terrible feeling. Knowing the truth is the only way to alleviate that stress. An app like Highster Mobile can help you find the truth and gain peace of mind.

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