How Can You Spy on a Cell Phone Without Access to the Device?

How Can You Spy on Cell Phone Without Access to the Device.jpgCan you spy on cell phone without access to it? Many people have been asking this question. And many think it’s not possible to access a cell phone’s data without installing spy software in it personally. People even think it’s a scam when companies say their software can be installed remotely. But guess what? It can be done and one company that claims to have cracked this code is DDI Utilities.

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Spy apps have been around longer than we think. There are even software that enable you to spy on cell phone text messages for free. However, access to the target device was needed in order to use it. You have to personally download and install the software on the phone. Imagine the stress that would give you, especially if you get caught.

Today, many people are already using spy apps that don’t require access to the target device, most of these are parents and employers. Making use of these tools enable parents and employers to monitor their children and workers.

Parents find these apps useful in keeping their kids safe and knowing their whereabouts all the time. And employers make it a habit to track their employees with spy apps in order to monitor their work and keep outgoing conversations strictly work related.

How is Remote Installation done?

Spy software like DDI Utilities, enable a user to spy on a cell phone even without access to it. How? There are only these three steps to installing this data management software:

  1. Install the software by providing iPhone’s Apple ID and password, no jailbreak needed.
  2. DDI will then start to download all data from the said device and upload it into your account.
  3. Log in to your control panel to see the data downloaded from the target phone.

It’s that easy. There are available spy on cell phone text messages free download as trial versions that lets you use its features for up to seven days. You can use this to evaluate a spy app’s effectiveness and eventually purchase the whole software. DDI is available for $69.99, no monthly fees required.

The same process of remote installation applies to Highster Mobile. This spy app has advanced features like search alerts and block application which makes it quite popular to parents.

There are many other spy apps that can be installed remotely that will allow you to spy on a cell phone without access to the phone. For information on these, you can visit Bestcellphonespyapps. Reviews are also available for your spy software reference. Check them out now.


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