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Bond, James Bond – The World’s Most Famous Spy Bond, James Bond – The World’s Most Famous Spy

If the world is being threatened by a sinister force that is intent to take over the world, we need someone reliable to save humankind. The person would have to be cunning, ruthless, and able to think of ways to defuse the situation, while being threatened with death at the same time. Who can we turn to in a situation such as this? The name’s Bond, James Bond!

James Bond is a fictional British super spy, who is known in the British Secret Service as agent 007. Bond is a cold and ruthless spy who will do whatever it takes to get the job done. He has a license to kill from the British government and has no difficulties in killing a bad guy in the line of duty.

James Bond is the creation of author Ian Fleming. Fleming created the character of the famous spy in 1953 and has been the subject in several novels and short stories. Upon Fleming’s death in 1964, others have taken the Bond character on other adventures in literature. James Bond has also been the central character in over two dozen movies where he has displayed his spy gadgets and hidden phone and text message technology. The Bond film franchise has been one of the most popular in the history of the cinema.

Even though the character of James Bond has been tweaked over the years, he remains extremely popular around the world. His adventures with fast cars and beautiful women while fighting villains in print and on film are still enjoyed by millions of fans. An even though the character has been around for over a half century, the character has adapted with the changing times, and has always embraced the latest technology when his search for villains which can give him an advantage.

Despite being in the spy business for decades, there is no stopping James Bond, and we expect to enjoy his exploits for many more years to come!