Best Cell Phone Spy Apps

Discover the ultimate guide to choosing the best phone location tracking services. Track a cell phone location by number with the top 5 services here!

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The Legality of Keyloggers in the Workplace
Is there a keylogger iPhone software or are keyloggers just for computers? How to use a keylogger? Do I have to be an IT expert to use a keylogger? A keylogger is some sort of monitoring software that creates a record of... Read more
The Smart Architecture Behind Cell Phone Trackers
A Phone tracker or other GPS-based services are so common nowadays that we do not think too much of them, they’re just there. Those old enough to remember, though, can recall the early days of GPS, how it awed us and how it... Read more
The Best Browser History Tracking Apps For 2022
When you search online, all your activities will be captured and stored in your browser history by default. From the moment you open Chrome, per se, to the last web page you accessed prior to closing the browser will be recorded. This is, unless, of course, you... Read more
How to Block Pornhub on All Your Child’s Mobile Devices?
Kids really do grow up fast. It seems like you’ve just given birth to them last year and now they act more like young adults than kids. The thing is, as kids think of themselves as more mature than they actually are, they tend to do things... Read more
The Best Message Tracking Apps For Teen Monitoring
Social media enables anyone, regardless of their age, gender, and point of origin, to easily connect. Aside from the ability to post or share content that could be set to be accessed by the public, social networking sites also have built-in private or direct messaging services. Hence,... Read more
How To Create A Strong Password To Protect Your Accounts
A strong password is one of the crucial things in maintaining online safety and security. It’s important to fully grasp the importance of a strong password as well as learn to create a hard-to-crack one. Why Strong Passwords are Important? Your password is essentially the main barrier... Read more
How To Track Incoming and Outgoing Calls On A Cell Phone
Are you a parent with kids old enough to have their own mobile phones? Do you want to keep tabs on the people they are talking to - from social media sites to text messages and phone calls? Perhaps you have your own company or business, and... Read more