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The Best Spy Apps To Track Viber On Android Phones The Best Spy Apps To Track Viber On Android Phones

The Best Spy Apps To Track Viber On Android Phones

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Though initially developed as a messaging app, Viber has evolved into an all-in-one social media platform. This phone application enables its users... The Best Spy Apps To Track Viber On Android Phones

Though initially developed as a messaging app, Viber has evolved into an all-in-one social media platform. This phone application enables its users to easily connect with their loved ones, friends, and strangers. App users can do video and voice calls, and send text messages to individuals and groups. Viber has built-in stickers and GIFs, but you’re able to customize or create your own. 

Its end-to-end encryption and the ability to create and join communities are the biggest benefits for users. These features, however, are the same reason why Viber has become a targeted app by cyber attackers. 

Various agencies are implementing regulations to address cybercrimes. Nevertheless, as users, we have to do our part to ensure the safety of ourselves and our loved ones on Viber. One efficient way to accomplish this is by utilizing a Viber spy tool for Android. 


How Do Spy Apps Get Data From The Android Viber App?

Viber spy Android software is programmed with codes that enable it to dig deep into the target device. It then simultaneously feeds all gathered data logs to the monitoring tool’s cloud database. While hidden spy apps work remotely, users can view reports in real-time through an online account or a separate control panel. 

An Android Viber spy application sounds complex, but honestly, it’s not. Though it utilizes multi-layered algorithms, such software is easy to navigate. In most cases, the general interface is designed that less tech-savvy users can enjoy its benefits without any troubles.

It usually takes only a few clicks to download, install, and activate a Viber spy Android tool on the target phone. The premium options allow you to start monitoring without having physical access to the target device.

Once installed, Android spy Viber apps run stealthily in the background. They collect data from Viber, other messaging apps, and the monitored device. These apps are undetectable, don’t drain a device’s battery, and don’t trigger notifications.


What Kind of Viber Data Can a Spy App Transfer?

An Android Viber spy software is designed to extract all interactions and engagements within the app. It allows you to access all data such as:

    • Contact list, including names and numbers
    • Messages, including those that have been deleted
    • Call logs, including caller information and timestamps
    • Sent and received multimedia files including photos, videos, and audio clips
    • Communities and groups, including private ones


How Can An Android Spy App for Tracking Viber Help You?

A Viber spy app for Android is specifically useful for parents and business owners. Below are some of the benefits a user can reap when using such software.

Spy App As A Parental Control Tool

The online world is both a great and scary place for kids. Cyberbullying, grooming, catfishers, scammers, and hackers are just some of the many dangers kids face on Viber and online. Unfortunately, parents don’t realize their kids are targeted by these dangers until it’s too late. An Android spy Viber software can protect your kids from these online threats. 

    • Contact Lists – to know who your kids are communicating with.
    • Chat Messages – to confirm if your kids are not sending or receiving malicious messages.
    • Multimedia Files – to validate if all exchanged photos, videos, and audio clips don’t contain inappropriate content.
    • Groups and Communities – to see if your kids’ social networks are healthy for them.

Spy App As A Business Tool

An Android Viber spy software serves several purposes to business owners. Such apps can help drive productivity and ensure that company-issued devices are not misused. It’s also great in monitoring employees during work hours to confirm they don’t waste their time on non-work related activities.

    • Contact Lists – to validate that only approved people — such as suppliers, investors, resellers, or partners — are included on their list.
    • Chat Messages – to confirm if they aren’t engaging in conversations that might put your company and your data at risk.
    • Multimedia Files – to check if all sent and received files are work-related.
    • Groups and Communities – to see if your employees’ social networks are retained at a professional level, or are at par with your company’s standards and regulations.


Top 5 Spy Apps for Tracking Viber

Our digital specialists here at are closely monitoring any technological innovations. We don’t merely want to recycle answers or publish reviews without personally testing the products. Hence, you can rest assured that all these Viber spy Android tools are initially checked.

Numerous factors have been considered to help us identify the most efficient messaging spy software monitoring app for Android devices. We have narrowed down the list to the top five. Select one of the best monitoring apps below that perfectly fits your needs. 

Auto Forward

Auto Forward can be used on all Android devices including Samsung and Google Pixel. This Android spy app allows real-time monitoring of the target device. You’ll see all call logs and messages from Viber and other social media platforms. This app can show and extract instant messages (IMs), direct messages (DMs), incoming & outgoing calls, and call history while it remains in stealth mode. 

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile comes with a lot of monitoring features without the need for rooting the target phone. It can gather and store Viber calls, videos, photos, messages, and more. All extracted data and reports are guaranteed free of any malware. Highster Mobile has 24/7 tech customer support and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities’ monitoring software digs deep into a target Android device for monitoring. This software can collect important information and recover deleted data from Viber. The program grants instant access to the phone being monitored. Other spying features include being able to recover lost or inaccessible Viber data such as photos, videos, messages, and calls. 


PhoneSpector is one of the most innovative monitoring apps. This Viber spy tool for Android allows remote access to Viber chats, photos, videos, and calls. It can also recover previously-stored or deleted data from any Android device. 

Easy Spy

Easy Spy is a simple and efficient application for any Android device. This Viber spy Android software allows even less tech-savvy users to enjoy its features. Users can monitor the target device even without having physical access to it. But, as with other spy apps, it’s intended for legal use only by parents and employers. 

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