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2022’s 5 Best SMS Spy Apps For Android 2022’s 5 Best SMS Spy Apps For Android

2022’s 5 Best SMS Spy Apps For Android

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SMS and text messaging is one of the most common forms of communication today. On Android phones, users opt to utilize their... 2022’s 5 Best SMS Spy Apps For Android

SMS and text messaging is one of the most common forms of communication today. On Android phones, users opt to utilize their device’s built-in Short Message Service (SMS) service. SMS is used for sending and receiving text communications to a phone number. Other than this texting method, they tend to try third-party free messaging apps. 

Some situations urge people to monitor someone else’s phone conversations. In most cases, people check phone texts for protection or prevention. They use spy software as a monitoring tool and not as an exploitation tool. There are various means to spy on text messages, but SMS tracker apps remain to be one of the most convenient and practical tools. 

How An Android SMS Spy App Can Be Useful To You

SMS is the most common way to send texts between phones. Phone users compose a message and send it to one or multiple recipients. No matter what phone and operating system they have, they will receive the sent text. 

However, many exploit texting like scammers, hackers, and online predators. This is where an Android SMS spy app could be of help. People look for a paid or free SMS spy app for Android to assist them in tracking someone’s texts without needing to physically access the target phone. Such monitoring software could aid in monitoring messages and verifying details that may greatly impact you and loved ones.

An SMS monitoring app is primarily utilized by:

    • Parents as a parental control and monitoring tool to oversee who their child is talking with.
    • Employers to keep track of company devices and communications.
    • To ensure a loved one is not being targeted by criminals via SMS. 


What To Consider When Looking For The Best SMS Spy Apps for Android

There are certain factors to consider when looking for the best paid or free SMS spy app for Android. On top of the list is the ability to track text messages and spy on Android without access to the target phone. 

Pay attention to the following when selecting a spy SMS Android free or paid app such as:

    • The text message spy app installation process. Is physical access required? 
    • Text Messaging Features: SMS, private messaging app, and social media app messaging monitoring. 
    • Other tracking features that could be of benefit to you. 
    • Plan Pricing: Does the SMS tracking app within your budget? 
    • The App Company: Is the company legitimate and do they provide customer support?
    • Stealth Mode & Tracking: Is it possible to extract and view the SMS messages without being detected?
    • Customer Reviews: Read the reviews published online by customers of spy apps.


What Devices Can Spy Apps for SMS Be Installed On? 

A vital factor to consider when purchasing monitoring software is the compatibility of the program to the target device. Some only work on Android devices while some only work on Apple products like iPhones and iPads. Most text spy apps, or at least the superior ones, typically offer a version that works with Android and iOS phone models and systems. Apps for iOS phones and tablets typically support iOS 3 and later. Almost all Android OS-operated devices support SMS monitoring software.

For most spy SMS Android software, they are compatible with the brands – Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, HTC, LG, and Google Pixel. 


Acquisition and Installation Process of Android SMS Spy Apps

Once you’ve chosen the best spy app for monitoring text messages, go ahead and purchase the software. Consider opting for a free trial if it’s on the table before fully committing. Take note that such programs are typically purchased through their official sites and not through app stores.

The acquisition and installation process may vary depending on the monitoring software you choose. In most cases, it involves purchasing the app and following the instructions that are provided by the company. While some programs offer over-the-air installation, most still need a few minutes of access to the target phone. Once activated, real-time monitoring of incoming and outgoing texts and other phone activities can begin.

Whether you’re utilizing an SMS spy Android free trial or a paid premium package, it is your responsibility to operate it wisely and legally. Be sure to comply with all federal and state laws. 

In most cases, an SMS spy for Androids can be installed in three easy steps:

    • Download: Purchase the software to receive app details.
    • Install: Following the instructions to install the software.
    • Monitor: Start tracking the target phone or tablet by logging into your account or control panel.


5 Best SMS Spy Apps for Android is home to technology experts and digital enthusiasts. We are continuously combing through the e-market to search for the newest and worthy innovations. Taken into consideration are various factors but the overall quality remains to be our top priority. 

Most of the superior SMS trackers we’ve encountered are available at a certain fee. Some of them, though, offer a free trial for a certain period. The top five apps mentioned below (that we tested), have the Best Cell Phone Spy Apps seal of approval in terms of pricing, functionality, and usefulness. 

Auto Forward

What we like most about Auto Forward is its simplicity. Like how other users put it, “If you can use your cell phone, you can use this app“. Additionally, this software works with all Android phone models and all cell phone service providers. 

One of its key features is message tracking. This monitoring software can remotely access phone conversations and generate an exact copy of sent and received messages. Furthermore, it can recover deleted or archived text messages.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is the only monitoring system that provides users the option to utilize their iCloud account in place of a remote access app to gather information. While this product is highly recommended for Apple products like iPhones, it works great with Android devices as well. 

This SMS tracker can access every incoming and outgoing texts on the target phone even if the phone’s logs are deleted. Conversations are simultaneously transmitted to your private spy app account.

DDI Utilities

This is a powerful and revolutionary utility program designed to dig deeper and extract information. DDI Utilities adopted technology from the utility programs used to optimize the performance of computers and laptops. Rest assured that the extraction prowess of this app is superior.

This monitoring software gets activated by simply texting its file link to the target phone. Among other things, you can obtain a copy of all text messages sent and received on the monitored phone.


This modern spy app takes only about 45 seconds to install and set up. Once activated, it pulls data from the monitored Android phone within minutes without the need for physical access. Your one-time payment warrants access to PhoneSpector’s various features and free lifetime upgrades.

This monitoring program can extract texts from all platforms, including the phone’s built-in texting service, third-party messaging apps, and social media. 

Easy Spy

Easy Spy is an extremely capable and reliable monitoring software. It’s designed to work with all iOS and Android operated devices. It’s loaded with 20+ features and comes with free lifetime upgrades. Moreover, its manufacturer offers a 10-day money-back warranty.

This message tracker app can gather text logs, including all content, the phone numbers involved, and date and timestamps.

Spy apps for Android remain the essential tool for anyone that needs to read text messages from another more. They go a step further by enabling users to monitor other phone activities such as phone call logs, GPS location, and web browsing history.

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