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Best SMS Spy Apps For Tracking iPhone Messages Best SMS Spy Apps For Tracking iPhone Messages

Best SMS Spy Apps For Tracking iPhone Messages

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Despite the rise of various free messaging apps, the built-in cell phone Short Message Service (SMS) is still widely used. Text messages... Best SMS Spy Apps For Tracking iPhone Messages

Despite the rise of various free messaging apps, the built-in cell phone Short Message Service (SMS) is still widely used. Text messages are convenient, fast, practical, and can be sent anywhere at any time. For those who have an iPhone, the default texting app is Messages (iMessage).

When monitoring an iPhone, be sure to not overlook text messages sent via iMessage. If you’re a parent, per se, you will want to spy on texts to ensure your child’s safety and security. There may be free text message spy apps for iPhone, but “free” doesn’t always mean “best”. To assist with your text spying and monitoring, select a text message spy app for iPhone from our list at the end of this article. 


Situations Where Tracking Messages On iPhone Using Spy Apps Can Useful

Through a text message spy app, iPhone messages and other activities can be conveniently monitored. Several free monitoring apps offer a text tracking feature. Paid tracking software will allow you to do more thorough tracking. 

Tracking messages may be frowned upon by some people but this should only be the case if it is done with malicious intent. There are certainly times that would call for the tracking of someone’s device like when safety and/or security are involved. Here are some circumstances where spying on someone’s messages is acceptable:

Digital Parenting

In this digital age, children are often glued to their phones. It is a parent’s job to keep track of their kid’s phone and other online activities to defend them from lurking threats. Predators are creative and persuasive when targeting kids through text messages and other methods. You can use a text message spy iPhone application to check if your child is exchanging texts with strangers. This will come in handy if your child’s behavior is changing like they are becoming secretive.

Employee Monitoring

In some instances, employees are issued company phones especially when the job involves traveling. You can track your employee’s iPhone to ensure company property is not used for inappropriate communications or worse, to compromise company data. Receive regular updates on the text messages sent and received through company phones. 


Which iPhone Models Can I View Messages On Using Spy Apps?

Paid and/or free text message spy apps for iPhone, at least the best ones, monitor target devices stealthily. Features vary depending on the chosen SMS spy application but will likely support the monitoring of text messages. 

There are several considerations you should look into before choosing an iPhone message spy app. For one, aside from text messages, what other information would you like to monitor? How much are you willing to spend on a monitoring app? Perhaps one of the most important considerations is the compatibility of the monitoring software to the target device.

Here’s a list of iPhone models that are compatible with monitoring software for tracking text messages:

    • iPhone 13
    • iPhone 12
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 8 
    • iPhone 7 
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 5
    • iPad (all)
    • iOS 7-15 (all versions)


Can I Track Text Messages On An iPhone Without Jailbreaking?

In the case of an iPhone message spy software, users do not need to jailbreak the target device to track text messages. 

Some monitoring programs, free or paid, are designed to intercept SMS from iPhone devices through iCloud. iPhone files and other data including text messages are automatically uploaded to the iCloud server.

You could use the following information to gain access to the target device:

    • iCloud Credentials
    • Apple ID Login Details
    • Phone Number


What Data Can I Track Using An iPhone Spy App? 

Once all factors have been considered, it’s time to pick an iPhone SMS spy app, free or paid, that best suits your needs and is compatible with the monitored device. The best spy SMS iPhone apps usually support the additional features that grant access to the following: 

    • SMS or text monitoring.
    • Private messages on Kik, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more. 
    • Contacts list.
    • Call history.
    • Location/GPS tracking.
    • Keystroke monitoring.
    • Photos, videos, and other files.
    • Email messages/
    • Messages and other Social Media platform activities.
    • Browsing history on Safari and other browsers. 

The most efficient text spy apps also provide clients with a personal dashboard that has a user-friendly interface. Phone tracking reports on the target device are usually made available in real-time. If you opt to bypass the free software and opt for a paid one, you will be presented with two choices: a monthly subscription or a one-time payment.


How To Install Spy Apps On An iPhone To Track Text Messages

The installation process may vary depending on your chosen software. In most cases, The installation of tracking software for text messages only takes a few steps.

Step 1: Download The Software

Most spy software provides an over-the-air or OTA link which allows users to download the software to the phone they want to track. In case your chosen software includes a no-access option, you would need the Apple ID and password of the target iPhone.

Step 2: Activate The Software

You should receive an email containing step-by-step instructions together to activate your product. For assistance, contact the product company’s customer support team.

Step 3: Access Information On The Target Device

Once activated, log into your account to see the retrieved data. The information will be automatically updated in real-time. 


5 Best iPhone Spy Apps For Tracking SMS is home to digital specialists and enthusiasts. We see the value and potential of different technological advancements that help the public. On our recent journey to determine possible solutions to SMS-based cybercrimes, we came across device text message monitoring apps. These programs provide real-time access to the device’s texts, making it easier to address and prevent potential issues.

Some free programs enable users to spy on iPhone SMS, but the accuracy and reliability aren’t guaranteed. We’re sharing with you monitoring tools that require certain fees but will do the job. These SMS spy apps for iPhone offer remote monitoring of various activities, including sent and received text messages. These provide you an exact copy of conversations, and can even extract deleted or archived text messages.

Auto Forward

The Auto Forward device monitoring app is designed with usability in mind, great for less tech-savvy users. This SMS spy app for iPhone allows users to read all sent and received messages, even the deleted ones. You can also access all exchanged multimedia files through iMessage. Exact copies of acquired text messages can be viewed on your online account, providing you a convenient and hassle-free experience.

Highster Mobile

The Highster Mobile tracking app utilizes OTA (over-the-air) link to provide remote monitoring access to the target device. One of its most popular features is its ability to record all text messages. It can retrieve the full content of all regular SMS messages and iMessage texts, including contact details. At an affordable price, you get to enjoy its powerful and fast performance. 

DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities SMS monitoring app works silently and stealthily in the background, without interrupting the device’s other running applications. This iPhone text message spy app is undetectable as it continuously retrieves text messages. Aside from iMessages and text messages, it can backup several other features like contacts, call logs, and multimedia files.


The PhoneSpector device monitoring tool is easy to set up and navigate. Its SMS tracking feature works well with all iPhones and iPads. Without the need to jailbreak, you get to view all text messages on the target device – regardless if you used SMS, iMessage, or third-party messaging apps. After installation, which only takes less than 45 seconds, you’ll gain real-time access to all exchanged text messages.

Easy Spy

Easy Spy monitoring app has successfully balanced aesthetics and functionality. Though it utilizes complex algorithms to extract text messages, its interface is simple and easy to navigate. This text message spy for iPhone displays all SMS messages and iMessages on your secure online account, including those that have been deleted.


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