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Believe Your Spouse Is Cheating? Learn How To Spy On Your Spouse Believe Your Spouse Is Cheating? Learn How To Spy On Your Spouse

Believe Your Spouse Is Cheating? Learn How To Spy On Your Spouse

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After being together with your spouse for a while, you surely have found your “home”. Your soul is at peace and your... Believe Your Spouse Is Cheating? Learn How To Spy On Your Spouse

After being together with your spouse for a while, you surely have found your “home”. Your soul is at peace and your mind is at ease, knowing that you’ve found your better half. You’ve put down your guard and become comfortable. Until, out of nowhere, intuition kicks in. There’s this feeling that you simply can’t disregard. Then, the more you pay attention to the smallest details, the stronger your hunch becomes. Just the idea of a cheating spouse is enough to drive you crazy. Nevertheless, you’re still willing to go further to prove or discredit this thought.

Sounds familiar? Well then, we will be sharing with you how you can spy on your spouse.

There’s a long list of signs that could support your suspicions. You may opt for location tracking devices, or go for the old fashioned methods like looking through their drawers. If they’re cheating, they’ll tend to cover their tracks – the obvious ones. So, be keen on small details like a receipt for a gift you never received, an unknown hotel booking confirmation, a perfume/smell on your spouse’s clothes that’s not theirs, a kiss mark that you didn’t leave, and the like.

If playing detective is just too much for you, then utilizing a spy app will best suit your needs. With features like remote installation, real-time data feeding, and stealth tracking, these are perfect to achieve your spouse monitoring mission.


What You Can Monitor With A Spy App

Spy apps are great for discreetly monitoring and tracking someone’s iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Depending on the package you get, you can extract a lot of data and do a number of tasks without even touching the target device.


Cheating spouses often use their cell phones to communicate with their lover. If they’re trying to be careful, they’ll delete a message as soon as it’s sent or read. They’ll try to ensure that no conversations are saved. Typically, they’ll use private messaging apps, secret social media accounts, and other cheating apps to conceal their affair.  

Using a spy app, private messages, email, or text messages can be extracted from the monitored phone. The best thing about premium software is that it can retrieve messages that are old or deleted. So, if your spouse is indeed messaging or sexting with someone else, you can get the proof you need with the help of a single app.

Call Logs

Aside from messaging, those who are cheating will likely be calling their lover. If your spouse is trying to outsmart you, the contact name for the number will likely have someone else’s name. 

With a spy app, you won’t be able to listen in on the actual phone call. However, you can extract details of all incoming and outgoing phone calls, including phone number, date and time of call, and call duration. If the same digits appear on your extracted list frequently or at a regular interval, then you might want to ring the number yourself.

Social Media

For those trying to hide their actual marital status, they will use a secondary, secret, or fake social media account. You would have access to their original account, but not their secret account, where they can freely cheat on you. Spy apps can extract data, mainly messages from social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. 

Browsing History

Yes, with a spy app installed on the target device, you get to see their browser history. You can have a grasp of what they’re searching for or which sites they’re accessing.

So, for instance, your spouse has been searching for private or isolated travel destinations but hasn’t discussed with you any plans of taking you on a trip. Or, they have been visiting several online dating websites. However, just because your spouse is searching for it without your knowledge doesn’t mean there’s a third-party involved. 


Using the app’s GPS location tracking feature, you would know your spouse’s real-time location provided they bring their phones with them. The app also feeds you the complete list of all locations they’ve been to. 

Hence, you might want to dig deeper at the places they seem to frequent. Unless their cell phone got stolen, there’s no denying they did go to the place shown on the extracted report. You may also catch them in a lie with the data. For example, your spouse says they are working late and you find out they are actually at a local club. 


Bear in mind that relationships aren’t only comprised of love, but of many other aspects like trust and respect. Using spy software on your spouse, especially without their consent, not only intrudes on their privacy but also violates certain state and federal laws.

Always proceed with extra caution when using tracking apps on anyone. You wouldn’t want your spying to cost your relationship, especially when your motivations are rooted from a mere hunch or suspicion.

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