Avoid Getting Caught Dating In The Workplace With These Tips!

office romancePeople can find love anywhere, and that includes in the workplace. If your relationship is new, you may not want to share it with your coworkers right away. Also, if you have a strict work dating policy, you’ll want to keep your office romance a secret. Below, we share our top tips to hide your relationship from your coworkers.


6 Tips To Keep Your Office Romance A Secret


1. Avoid Having Office Hookups Or Make Out Sessions

If you’re trying to keep your office romance a secret, don’t make out or hook up at work. There’s never a safe place to hide, no matter what you think. If you even question whether or not it’s a good idea, just automatically assume it isn’t.


2. Don’t Send Anything Personal Using Company Devices

Whatever you do, DON’T send flirty messages or sexts using a company device! Bosses usually monitor their employees’ devices to view text messages, emails, calls, and social media activities. Only use company devices for work use, not personal use.


3. Avoid Being Flirtatious At Work

An easy give away that you’re in a relationship with a coworker is being flirtatious. Try to be conscious of when you’re being too flirty, and save it for after work. It’s important to act professional with ALL of your coworkers. Otherwise, you could get a bad reputation and expose your office relationship.  


4. Make Sure To Mingle With Other Coworkers

It’s important to mingle with other coworkers, not just the person you’re with. If you only hang out with the person you’re dating, you both are likely to get caught. Also, most offices frown upon employees who don’t mingle or talk to their coworkers.


5. Be Professional At Work (Even With The Person You’re Dating)

Whatever you do, ALWAYS act professional at work, especially with the person you’re dating. Don’t bring relationship arguments and negativity into the workplace, or be overly flirtatious. Your coworkers will definitely notice this, and it will impact the workplace environment.


6. Don’t Post About Your Relationship On Social Media

To keep your office romance a secret, don’t post about dating your coworker on social media. If you don’t think your boss is checking your social media activity, think again! One of the biggest time-wasting activities at work is social media use. So, of course, your boss will be looking at your online profiles.


These are six of the best tips to avoid getting caught dating in the workplace. If you get to a point where you know the relationship is serious, that’s when you should tell your coworkers and boss.

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