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  Utility programs dig deep into a computer’s file structure to extract data and arrange files. In essence, utility programs are meant to optimize a device’s performance. Utility programs for mobile devices, like... Read more
All About Spy Apps: What You NEED To Know
Spy App use in the workplace and at home is becoming increasingly common. Parents use it to monitor their families and employers to track their employees (with permission). Here’s everything you need to know about what spy apps are and their technical aspects. What Are Spy Apps? Read more
How To Avoid Public Wi-Fi Risks
If you’ve ever browsed the internet on your phone while at your local coffee shop or walking around the mall, chances are you’ve used public Wi-Fi. While public Wi-Fi is certainly a convenient way to access the internet while on the go, most people are unaware of... Read more
Cell Phone Theft: How To Avoid Becoming A Victim
Mobile devices have become a part of our everyday lives, and criminals are targeting these devices more than ever. Our mobile devices contain lots of our personal information from emails, social network accounts, banking apps, and many other forms of our personal data. Now from your mobile... Read more
Avast Antivirus May Be Spying On You
Avast online security products are there to help protect you from attacks and viruses on the internet. The software is made available to millions of users for free, and works on all operating systems. However, a recent discovery revealed that Avast may be giving your personal information... Read more
How Cell Phones Are Spying On Us (According To Edward Snowden)
Edward Snowden, who leaked classified NSA information back in 2013, was recently on The Joe Rogan Experience. While on the show, he specifically talked about how cell phones and other devices are spying on us.  Here is Joe Rogan’s interview... Read more
The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Parental Controls On Samsung Devices
In today’s technological society, it’s imperative that parents know and utilize all parental control features and settings on their children's devices. Besides Apple, the most commonly used devices by kids today come from Samsung. Samsung has a variety of Android devices and products... Read more
What’s The Best VPN For Android?
What is a VPN? A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a connection method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks. Initially used by corporations to protect sensitive data, personal VPNs are becoming increasingly more popular.  To... Read more
How To Uncover and Report Spam Phone Calls
Wouldn’t it be great if every time your phone rang, you knew it was someone you liked and would enjoy talking to. Unfortunately for many of us, a ringing cell phone could mean anything from a minor annoyance to a full blown scam. A lot of us... Read more
Ways To Keep Your Internet Browsing Data Private
Everyday, the internet is used by billions of people for personal and business use. It is the ultimate source of information for anyone looking to learn practically anything. There has been an increased amount of concern around internet privacy, especially since Congress repealed internet privacy protection back... Read more