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Back To School: 5 Social Media Safety Tips To Teach Your Child
If your children are on social media, you want to make sure they know the general safety rules and practices. With school beginning, it’s essential that kids know these rules especially with online predators, cyberbullying, and making... Read more
What Are Your Employees Really Doing During Work Hours?
If you own a business or oversee employees, you know how important efficiency, productivity, and motivation are. It can be hard for bosses to really know what their employees are up to unless they use cell phone monitoring software. So,... Read more
The Emoji Craze Continues To Grow Worldwide!
Emojis are taking over the world! July 17th was World Emoji Day and people couldn't have been more excited! It’s amazing how popular emojis have become and how often they are used. To celebrate this wondrous occasion,... Read more
Online Dating Tips You Need To Follow
So, you want to get back in the dating game? Online dating is the perfect way to do so! However, many people who are on online dating sites are not always who they appear to be. They could be using a younger image of themselves or lying... Read more
New Study Shows Social Media Could Cause Depression in Children
In the past, both experts and studies have revealed that social media can have negative effects on users, especially children. While this is always a consideration in children’s behavior, especially for parents and pediatricians --... Read more
Remote Spying Software: Prevent Yourself from Becoming a Cyber Victim
No one is safe online. There are people looking for victims online to attack and cyberbully. All devices are vulnerable to being hacked. Computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops, you name it! Many technology users... Read more
A Remote Cell Phone Spy App’s Long History
Remote cell phone spy app monitoring software is making a buzz these days because of its surprising success in terms of tracking. The creators and manufacturers of this monitoring software were impressed with the positive response to the product compared... Read more
Helping Hand Offered by Cell Phone Spy Tools to Different Individuals
Cell phone spy software remote install apps have been growing in popularity. They have been found out to be useful cell phone spy tools in helping people worldwide especially with regards to the safety and... Read more
Manage Your Trust Issues with a Cell Phone Tracking Software
Many people have trust issues with their partners, but they can easily get rid of it by using a cell phone tracking software. Not only parents and employers use these tools for the protection of their loved ones... Read more
Latest Apps: Spy on Cell Phone Without Having the Phone
Your children’s usage of devices and internet can be monitored when you spy on cell phone without having the phone. It is now popular and common among parents to use these spy applications in monitoring mobile... Read more