Augmented & Virtual Reality: The New Way To Promote Brands

virtual realityAugmented and Virtual Reality is the latest tech appealing to both consumers and brands. Consumers get immersed into different worlds and galaxies far, far away. Well-known brands, such as Star Wars, have and continue to take advantage of the popularity of AR and VR to promote themselves. It’s a new way for brands to spread the word about themselves in an interactive and engaging way. Here are a few current examples of some brands who are using Augmented and Virtual Reality to promote themselves.

Star Wars 

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiering December 15th, 2017, Disney has been ramping up the promotion of Star Wars. They are utilizing Augmented Reality as much as possible to reach fans and expose them to what the Star Wars universe has to offer.

First, Disney has teamed up with Lenovo to create an AR headset and experience specifically for Star Wars. With the headset, users also get their very own lightsaber and a movement tracking beacon. The only game that can currently be played on it is Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. In the game, you can test your intellect by playing Holochess or your combat skills by battling Kylo Ren. This is just the start of Disney’s reach into the world of AR & VR.

Disney also promoted #ForceFridayII by having an AR #FindTheForce experience through their Star Wars iOS and Android app. Online and in-stores, users could scan special posters to activate unique AR experiences. We tried it and found Rey with Porgs and Finn with BB-9E!

Blade Runner 2049 

Coming out on October 6th, 2017 is the sequel to Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049 starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. To promote the sequel 25 years after the first film came out, they created a VR experience for Oculus called Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit. In this game, a rogue replicant has killed two of your men. Riding in a spinner, you chase after the replicant in 2049 Los Angeles. The interactive aspect of this game involves moving your head to scan spinners passing by you. Other than that, this Virtual Reality game is more of an experience with amazing graphics such as a giant Coca-Cola can.

Below is a short clip of the game itself (Note: Recorded on VR Headset, no sound included):


This past July, Disney announced it would be releasing a Marvel VR Oculus Rift game in 2018 called, Marvel Powers United VR. With this game, you can become Marvel characters such as the Hulk and Rocket Racoon. You join forces with other superheroes to battle villains. This is another attempt by Disney not only to engage its superhero fan audience, but to promote specific characters whose movies have yet to be released like Captain Marvel. Here is the preview video of this super VR game!


These are just a few examples of how AR and VR are being used to promote larger brands. It is a great way to reach a brand’s target audience and get them engaged. Have you tried this latest tech? If not, you should! It’s definitely worth it!

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