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The Audio Recording Pen The Audio Recording Pen

The Audio Recording Pen

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The audio recording pen is one of the most used hidden spy gear products. Its simplicity and elegance makes it one of the most... The Audio Recording Pen

The audio recording pen is one of the most used hidden spy gear products. Its simplicity and elegance makes it one of the most popular and iconic piece of equipment for spygear and surveillance. The pen has been used as an audio surveillance tool because it blends in so effortlessly and can be placed in a variety of locations without setting of any alarms.

But the audio recording pen isn’t only used by spies. It’s still a great way to record audio whether in the classroom or in a business meeting setting. It’s discreet and doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself, and because of that the pen is one of the best ways to record audio onto the built-in memory stick. Overall, the voice recording pen is a great addition to anyone’s arsenal of devices, and is used by anyone from a student to a spy.


Benefits of the Audio Recording Pen


12 Hour Rechargeable Battery



A big benefit of these audio recording pens is that they are activated by sound. There is no needless streaks of soundless audio where nothing was taking place. This is one of the main things that separates audio surveillance equipment from the default recorders that come installed on smartphones. When someone wants to record high quality audio in the best fashion possible, these pens are the way to go.



pen inside



Store 30 hours of Audio

With the ability to store up to 30 hours of audio, the audio recording pen can store a good deal of data before the memory needs to be transferred onto the computer. This enables a large amount of recordings to be placed on the device at any particular time. There may be periods of time in which someone isn’t able to get to their computer to upload the audio. That there are 30 hours of audio space.


Mac and Windows Compatible

Like some other audio recorders, the audio recording pen is compatible with Macs and Windows products up to Windows 8. This makes the audio recording pen very versatile because it is able to be used by both operating systems, so anyone using a PC will be able to take advantage of the features of this recording device.


Works as a Pen

One of the coolest parts about these audio recording devices is that they actual function as a writing utensil, along with being a fully operational recording device. This enables users to blend in fully in whatever environment they find themselves immersed in in order to obtain the audio they are needing. Of course, it helps to have a pen handy for when notes need to be taken. It helps that this pen is also a high quality audio recorder.


High Quality Audio

The audio quality of these recording pens is high quality, which means that when the recording is ready and plugged into a computer the user will be able to listen to the conversations in high quality footage.





Easily Organized Audio Files

Each time the recorder is flipped into record mode, it records a new audio file. This makes organizing the different audio files simple for those who are looking to record different sermons, lectures, or discussions. Organization can be a headache when it isn’t done correctly, so it helps to have this added feature in the recording pen.

Audio surveillance is a huge part of today’s world. It helps to have a pen that can record discreetly, for situations where it is ideal for someone to be covert in the way they are recording something.

It seems that we have the audio down, now we need one with GPS tracking device qualities as well.

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