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All About Spy Apps: What You NEED To Know All About Spy Apps: What You NEED To Know

All About Spy Apps: What You NEED To Know

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Spy App use in the workplace and at home is becoming increasingly common. Parents use it to monitor their families and employers... All About Spy Apps: What You NEED To Know

Spy App use in the workplace and at home is becoming increasingly common. Parents use it to monitor their families and employers to track their employees (with permission). Here’s everything you need to know about what spy apps are and their technical aspects.

What Are Spy Apps?

Spy apps are software that can be used to monitor, track, and extract someone’s cell phone activities. Some of the most popular spy and phone monitoring apps on the market today include Auto Forward, Highster Mobile, and PhoneSpector.

App features usually include being able to view:

    • Text messages, SMS messages, and iMessages.
    • Private messages via social media, Kik, Skype, WhatsApp, and more.
    • Phone call log history including phone numbers and date/timestamps. 
    • Photos, videos, and other media on the phone.  
    • GPS phone location tracking in real-time. 
    • Web browsing history.
    • And much more. 

Beware of apps that promise call recording as this is illegal in most places. These apps can also be used to extract and save cell phone data in case of an emergency such as a phone getting stolen, broken, or water damaged.  With being able to monitor all of these activities and extract information, it’s not surprising many have found spy phone apps highly useful.

Technical Spy App Information

Android & iPhone Installation Process

Spy app installation is very easy and takes only a few minutes. For iPhone spy app software, installation depends on whether you purchased the jailbreak or no-jailbreak version. The no-jailbreak version is highly recommended by consumers because you do not need the physical phone to install the software. With the jailbreak version, you will need the target iPhone to install the software. To install, you need to: 1) Log into your spy software account, 2) Enter the target iPhone’s Apple ID and Password, and 3) Click Request Data Download.

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For Android devices, you have to have access to the target cell phone to install a spy app. Before installation, you need to go to the target device’s security settings and check off “Unknown Sources.” Doing this allows you to install the spy app since it is not from the Google Play store.

After this, follow these steps to install the spy app software on the target Android device.    

  1. Enter the URL from your confirmation email in the target device’s web browser.
  2. Click on the downloaded file and follow the prompts until you see “Install.”
  3. Once Installed, click on “Open” and then “Activate.”
  4. Enter your software license key and the phone number of the target device.
  5. Close the Android phone windows and you’re done! You can start monitoring!

Spy App Compatibility

These spy software programs are compatible with most iPhone and Android devices.

For iPhones, these programs are compatible with:

    • iPhone 5 – 12 devices.
    • iOS Systems 6 – 14.

For Android devices, these programs are compatible with:

    • Samsung, Motorola, Google Pixel, LG, HTC, and all other Android devices.
    • Android Systems 3 – 11

You can monitor someone’s device from most cell phones, tablets, and computers.

They’re Undetectable 

Spy apps are popular among consumers since they are undetectable by the target phone user. On most apps, this is referred to as “stealth mode”. So, if you install the app on a cell phone that is not yours such as on your child’s device, you will not get caught!

Worldwide Use

These monitoring software programs can be used to keep track of devices across the globe. There are no location restrictions for spy software users.

This is ALL you need to know about spy apps and their features. Now that you know more about spy apps, discover why spy software is a must-have!


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