Affordable Apps That Spy on Cell Phones for the Single Parent!

apps.jpgLooking for affordable apps that spy on cell phones? Well, here’s something for you which I am more than happy to share about. Let me tell you the story behind how I have had ample convenience brought about by a particular phone spy app called DDI Utilities. This is a very personal matter to me but knowing how this could be beneficial to those who have monitoring responsibilities, urged me to write this review.

I am a single mother to a 16 year old teenager. We started to live together when she was about 2 years old up to this very day. Seeing her grow up to be such a happy being makes all my sacrifices well-worthy. But it wasn’t until she turned 13 when things slowly changed. My friends told me that it was just part of her adjusting to the “teenage phase”; to which I agree but my motherly instinct tells me that there is more to it by the way she acts. I tried to interrogate her but got nothing from.

I didn’t know how she exactly felt until I used this DDI Utilities, an android cell phone spy. I was clueless of how “lost” she felt deep inside because of our situation; that all the while, she needed some father figure to fill up that sort of emptiness within her. I was so helpless that time, because seemingly she doesn’t want to trust me on it. We even fought about the way technology has affected our relationship. That every time I tried talking, her attention span is a mere 3-second time as she is always glued on her cell phone. All these made me curious on her whereabouts and eager to seek for a tool that would help me in monitoring since I cannot do it 24/7 because of work.

DDI Utilities

I have read reviews on best cell phone spy software downloads and came across this app while searching for “ways” to know activities of my teenager. I liked the idea of it being data backup recovery software and at the same time a spyware. It recovers/extracts contacts, call logs, browser histories, text messages, photos, videos, voicemail, calendar entries, notes, app files, saved apps, and data that might otherwise be inaccessible.

Using DDI Utilities, gave me the chance to access Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account which are her most used among all social media sites. Here I saw her posts and back read previously written ones. These sites have been her confidant on all her deepest, most sacred emotions. It saddens me how lonely she felt while other teenagers at school brag about their fathers. But upon reading everything, it bettered my understanding of my child’s disposition. I knew then that she wasn’t the little fragile baby who clings on mommy everytime. She can now comprehend life, in general. I sensed the need to discuss all about her father and things that happened in between.

I highly suggest that you download this software to see for yourself. It is sold at $29.99 which is cancellable anytime!

What made her say “yes” to monitoring?

Of course she was hesitant at first but knowing she could count on me of all people made her agree of DDI’s usage.I told her that I needed to keep track because I wanted to assure that no matter how she keeps things to herself, I stand by not only as her mother but father as well. And I deserve the right to know. She knew me so well that no matter what— good, bad, or to the most awkward of things I will wholeheartedly accept her.

For me, it is most important to be honest on your child. It is less complicated and easier that way.

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