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Act of Celebrator or Terrorist Act of Celebrator or Terrorist

Act of Celebrator or Terrorist

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A man visiting New York City from Virginia had his foot blown off in Central Park when he stepped on an explosive while climbing... Act of Celebrator or Terrorist

A man visiting New York City from Virginia had his foot blown off in Central Park when he stepped on an explosive while climbing down from a sloped rock.18-year-old Connor Golden was just out for a nice day with two of his friends when he unknowingly triggered the home-made device. According to the NYPD, the explosive was wrapped in a plastic bag. There was no detonator or wires and it appeared that someone had tried to set it off earlier to no avail. That was bad news for Golden. Now the young man faces a lifetime of issues—especially now after surgeons at Bellevue Hospital had to amputee the rest of his leg below the knee in order to save him.

The NYPD believe that the bomb has no ties to terrorism and that the person who failed to detonate it just left it there. But that being said, there has to be someone somewhere who knows something. And in this age of digital devices, someone’s spy cell phone conversations must have the answers.

If this was done by some dumb teen, then they most surely said something on social media. Or perhaps, they looked up how to make an explosive device on a website. Maybe they posted a pic of themselves with the bomb. They could also be saying things about the event to friends on their phone or through texts. Things like, “Oh cr*p! That bomb we made blew someone’s leg off!”

If that’s the case, this could all have been prevented—and it can most certainly be found out—if the parents installed a high quality mobile surveillance app on their kid’s phone. It’s something that many parents are doing today in order to keep an eye on their loved ones. Moms and dads do it to make sure someone isn’t preying on their kid online and they do it to also monitor  their own kid’s behavior.

A really good spy cell phone app free can give a parent access to their child’s social media accounts, texts, SMS messages, phone calls, pictures, videos and physical location. They can use it to see who is communicating with their kids and put a stop to anything inappropriate or illegal.

If a teen committed this crime—whether intentional or not—his parents could find out by surfing through his phone’s tweets, posts, web pages, pics and more. Chances are that there’s some digital trace out there for them to find. Teens are dumb in this way. They talk. And they do it on their phones. They don’t realize that the Internet is forever. A responsible parent will find evidence and hopefully report the crime.

All of that being said, it really is in every parent’s best interest to install a spy cell phone free download on their child’s phone. The world is a crazy place and criminals abound everywhere you go. The Internet is one of their favorite places and it’s not exclusive. A predator can start in the digital world and track your child in the real world … just as the maker of this explosive may have started with researching on the Internet, which led to a real impact in the real world.

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