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5 Things You Need for a Device Real-Time Monitoring 5 Things You Need for a Device Real-Time Monitoring

5 Things You Need for a Device Real-Time Monitoring

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You can now find all sorts and types of tracking devices or monitoring programs in the market. There's a perfect option for... 5 Things You Need for a Device Real-Time Monitoring

You can now find all sorts and types of tracking devices or monitoring programs in the market. There’s a perfect option for you, whether you need software capable of monitoring your network and remote servers in the office or tracking routers, switches, and devices at home. And more than the accessibility, such tech-advanced tools also offer convenience, reliability, and efficiency. 

Monitoring apps, especially premium ones like Auto Forward and Highster Mobile, are super simple to install and easy to use. Read on to learn how.


Modern Monitoring Tools for Modern Monitoring Solutions

Nowadays, technology is so advanced that there are various ways to monitor your network in real-time or remotely monitor any device’s performance and track activities. The most practical and effective way, however, is through spy software.

Spy software or spyware is software programmed with specific codes and algorithms capable of remotely extracting data from any compatible device. Such apps use a virtual connection linking the target device to their cloud-based resources centers and databases. The said connection is initially established during the installation process and serves as a secure pathway for data transmission.

Spy apps are designed to dig deep into the monitored phones or tablets and thoroughly collate all available files and information. These monitoring tools can grant you remote and real-time access to all offline and online activities and features, including:

  • Messages. SMS texts, iMessages, emails, and chat messages.
  • Call Logs. Call types, caller IDs, phone numbers, timestamps, and call duration.
  • GPS Locations. Current and previous locations are displayed on a map dashboard.
  • Saved Notes. Set alarms, saved calendar appointments and details on a notepad.
  • Phone Settings. Screen time limit, content filters, and app/site access.
  • Certain Features. Remote access to the phone’s camera, microphone, and lock screen.
  • Browser History. Accessed URLs, visited sites, and searched keywords.
  • Social Media Activities. Shared content, timeline posts, daily stories, friends lists, and more.


Requirements for Remote and Real-time Monitoring

Monitoring network devices and company-owned servers and tracking the health and performance of your devices at home or your children’s mobile phones have been made quick and easy by premium and powerful spy apps. Despite the complexity of their programming, spy apps usually showcase user-friendly interfaces. These network performance and device activity monitoring tools are designed so that even less tech-savvy users shouldn’t have issues navigating.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to monitor a device in real-time remotely, all you have to prepare are these 5 crucial things.

  • Compatible Target Device

Get a spy app compatible with the device you wish to monitor. Generally, monitoring programs support all devices running on Android OS 3 to 11 and iOS 7 to 15. Nevertheless, check out the indicated device compatibility and get one that won’t require you to root or jailbreak the target device.

  • Stable Internet Connection

All processes from installation to navigation are web-based; hence, you’ll need access to a stable and strong internet connection. Once the software is installed and activated, it will continue to extract data even if you’re online. However, you need to be connected to the internet to access the dashboard, where you can view all acquired data.

  • Active Email Address

All download instructions, links, and software upgrades will be sent via email. Plus, spy apps would usually require you to sign up and access the cloud-based control panel using an active email account.

  • Subscription Fee Payment

The spy software that offers advanced and efficient monitoring can be availed of at a certain fee or a renewable subscription plan. If you’re looking for affordable spy apps, you might want to try Auto Forward or Highster Mobile. These powerful apps offer a one-time payment plan with no recurring fees or hidden charges.

  • Any Internet–Enabled Device

Each spyware comes with a web-based control panel where users can view all extracted information or remotely access the monitored device. You can view the dashboard from any internet-enabled device.


Monitoring Software Installation Process

easy install

In general, the network infrastructure, data centers, remote servers, and the overall software architecture of these device performance monitoring apps are exquisitely designed with cutting-edge technologies. Nevertheless, these tools are user-friendly and easy to use.

The specific steps may vary depending on the software you choose to utilize, but the overall installation process is straightforward.

  1. Navigate to the app’s official website.
  2. Click on the Buy Now or Download button.
  3. Select which device you wish to monitor – iOS or Android.
  4. Choose the plan with the features you think can best cater to your needs.
  5. Provide all necessary details and settle the required fees.
  6. Open the confirmation email and get the over-the-air (OTA) link.
  7. Click on the OTA link to initiate the download from the monitored device.
  8. When prompted, type in the unique license key (sent separately via email) to activate the software.
  9. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  10. Log into your personal dashboard to start remotely monitoring your target device.

Any network device monitoring software is available at anyone’s disposal. However, the monitoring data and tools become the spyware user’s responsibility. Hence, regardless of your reasons or purposes, be sure to use monitoring software with extreme caution and always adhere to the available federal/state laws and regulations within your jurisdiction.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you track a phone in real-time?

Most smartphones nowadays have built-in tracking services, so you’d only need to enable such features to track the device in real-time remotely. Should you need or want to, you can also use a spy app to track your or someone else’s mobile phone.

  • Is there a way to remotely track employee productivity?

Business tools such as email management, task allocators, or output auditors usually have a reporting and monitoring system. However, if you’ve issued mobile devices to your employees, installing monitoring tools to have remote and real-time access to all offline and online activities would be wiser.

  • Why might I need monitoring software?

Spy apps are mainly developed for parents and business owners. The reliable and efficient monitoring features offered by such software can significantly help with employee monitoring and ensure higher productivity and higher quality outputs. Some of these programs also come with parental controls and security settings that could come in handy in child monitoring.

  • Can I install a spy app on any device type?

Most spy apps are designed to be compatible with almost all versions and types of iOS and Android devices. Some of these apps even work on desktops and laptops. To be sure, check out the device compatibility of the spy software before purchasing or subscribing.

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