4 Problems with Social Networking at Work That a Phone Spy App Can Address

social networking issues at work.jpgThe idea of using remote cell phone spy didn’t seem realistic in the past, but today, it is considered a necessity in the workplace and even in households. The main reason for this is the phenomenal growth of technology and social networking platforms.

The huge amount of time people normally spend online, particularly on using social networking applications, is one of the primary reasons many business leaders are not willing to let their workers use social networking sites like MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn.

Are Social Networking Sites Bad in the Workplace?

Social networking is not a problem for organizations because in fact, there are advantages to it as well. It is actually the people using social networking sites that cause problems. Below are the common problems caused by irresponsible use of social media in the workplace:


If all the 50 employees in a company, for example, spend at least 30 minutes a day using social media at work, this could mean approximately 6,500 hours of productivity is lost in a year. Needless to say, this is a huge loss for businesses who pay their workers for the entire time they are at work.

Company Resources

Updates from certain sites like LinkedIn and Facebook don’t really take up enormous amounts of bandwidth. However, there are a lot of video links that can be posted on these sites, and these are the ones that IT administrators are concerned about. Internet browsing is not without any cost, particularly when it involves high levels of bandwidth.

Malware and Other Viruses

This is one threat that many organizations tend to overlook. Cyber criminals and hackers pay a lot of attention to social networking sites because they are very easy to attack, and they have millions of users. Companies are concerned about the vulnerability of their systems to viruses, so they often choose to be very strict in allowing employees to access the computer at work.

Identity and Data Theft

Thousands of people are becoming victims of online scams that often result in identity or data theft. Users are likely to give out personal details as well as their employment details. Because of this, the company faces the risk of data theft. The good thing about using Highster Mobile phone spy app, for instance, is that business leaders become aware of all the information their employees are posting online.

What Do Companies Have to Do?

Businesses are now facing a dilemma of whether social networking should be allowed in the workplace or not. Since there are several advantages also in allowing social media at work, employers had better learn how to spy on cell phone using Highster Mobile phone spy. This way, the company and its employees can reap the benefits of social networking in organizations.

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