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Spy on Text Messages Without Having the Phone, Can it be Done?

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*Updated April 23, 2017 to include the latest information available about products mentioned.

Molly Nelson can be miles from the phone she is monitoring and still know when anything happens on the device. She can see text messages, calls, photos, instant messages and a lot more! She can also see exactly what was said in a text or spoken in a call and she knows who it was on the other end of the communication.

With a tap of her cell phone screen, an inexpensive app allows her to spy on text messages and see virtually everything that happens without having the phone in her possession.

Spy apps are becoming more popular and more invasive than ever before. Most “traditional” spy apps that are used on cell phones can be easily detected by anyone who knows a little about cell phones. But newer and more powerful apps are now making their way into the market dubbed as “Utility Apps”.

Spy on text messages without having the phone

“I tried a few ‘regular’ spy apps to spy on texts but they didn’t work. After doing more research I found out about utility apps for text message spying so I decided to give a try. I was amazed at how much information was extracted from the phone!”

Utility apps offer much more powerful features because they can go deeper into the file structure of a mobile device. Much like Norton Utilities is used to perform deep scans on PCs, these apps can now perform a similar function for cell phones and tablets. They can extract text messages, calls and just about every piece of data that is on a cell phone or that has been deleted from the phone.

The app Molly used is called DDI Utilities. This incredible app makes it possible to spy on texts messages without having the phone in your possession. DDI Utilities is developed and marketed by DDI Data Solutions Inc., a US based company that specializes in security and information gathering apps for parents, employers and those looking to monitor cell phones and spy on text messages.

DDI Utilities is unique because it allows a person to spy on text messages, calls, GPS and other activities of a cell phone without actually having the phone. The text message spy app will remotely collect data from another cell phone and display it on your own cell phone or tablet or any device that can connect to the internet.

Text message spy for iPhone and Android devices

DDI Utilities and at least 14 other apps allow a person to spy text and monitor just about everything that happens on a smartphone. A parent can monitor their child’s texts and see how often their child uses their cell phone and who they have called or texted. DDI Utilities will report the persons GPS location and issue an alert when a certain phone number calls the phone or when the person searches keywords such as “suicide”, “pregnancy” and “sex” or receives text messages that contain those words. An employer can track an employee’s email transmissions and websites visited.

Worldwide, the apps have been downloaded an estimated 600,000 times and given the proliferation of cell phones and mobile devices this number will continue to grow.

text message spy

It is no secret that our cell phones store our most sensitive information, so it stands to reason that anyone looking for information about a persons whereabouts and activities only needs to access their cell phone to get this information.

Programs like DDI Utilities are delivered via digital download and can be activated on the target device within minutes. They offer a wide range of features that would satisfy even the most investigative minds. These apps secretly and constantly spy on text messages, phone calls, GPS location, websites visited, photos, videos, Facebook, Twitter and just about every activity that takes place on a cell phone. The best text message spy apps are those that have a telephone number you can call, are undetectable on the target phone and those that do not have any monthly fees. Not every spy app offers these features, so if you are in need of this type of software it is important to find one that does.

Smartphones such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone enable people to carry on conversations in such privacy that to discover what’s going on is nearly impossible unless you have software that can spy on text messages and phone calls. Such software needs to do this without having the phone and the question that is often asked is, “Can you spy on the text messages without actually having the phone?” The answer is, “Yes, you can”.

If you look around the internet you will undoubtedly find a lot of websites claiming to have software that can do such a thing but I urge you to be cautious. Many of these programs simply do not work and many are complete scams. I have found only a few that actually work.

Check DDI Utilities: How to spy on text messages without having the phone

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