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Different Reasons You Might Need a Phone Tracking App

There’s a good reason why many parents are against the idea of using a phone tracking app to monitor their children’s cell phone and online activities. As a parent, you want your children to learn the importance of respecting other people’s privacy. You can teach them this by also respecting their privacy. However, there are […]

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How Can Your Children Remove Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

Children are inquisitive and highly intelligent beings. Despite your best efforts at protecting them by installing spy text messages app, the little ones are capable of identifying ways for removing the programs. Children exchange information all the time with their peers, thus increasing the chances of finding the software and removing it. Moreover, the fact […]

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Top 10 Features of Highster Mobile Spy

What is Highster Mobile phone spy? It is a monitoring software application that can remotely monitor and review data from a specifically targeted cell phone or smart device. Highster Mobile Spy offers many features that all have specific purposes and benefits making it the leading name in the industry. What sets Highster Mobile Spy apart […]

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SurePoint Spy Review

Visit their site: THE GOOD: The ability to retrieve the lost & deleted information is a big favorite of their customers. THE BAD: Occasionally the GPS feature takes a little longer to update than you’d like. THE BOTTOM LINE: This software is perfect for the concerned parent or business owner. It can really help […]

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Cell Phone Spy Software: A Guide for Skeptics

Many people are skeptics or skeptical about tech products until they see them in action first hand. They don’t believe advanced technology makes people’s lives easier, better or that it performs all the functions it claims. Honestly some people don’t want to evolve with the times. While other people cringe at the thought of fancy […]

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