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When a Business Needs Cell Phone Tracker and Spy Software to Measure Work Productivity and Work Performance

Every company needs a cell phone tracker and spy software to ensure protection of company resources and monitoring work productivity. Being in a corporate world is being able to use every minute and second to have a successful transaction. Every successful transaction means earnings and profits. It is the lifeblood of the company. To reach […]

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Protect Yourself against Sexual Harassment Using Your Own Cell Phone Tracking App

Software and apps that cell phone spy tools are growing in popularity recently, mainly among employers and parents. Employers monitor their workers’ cell phone activity, while parents spy on their children’s cell phone habits. But aside from these obvious benefits and uses of installing cell phone spyware on your loved one’s mobile phone, did you […]

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Act of Celebrator or Terrorist

A man visiting New York City from Virginia had his foot blown off in Central Park when he stepped on an explosive while climbing down from a sloped rock.18-year-old Connor Golden was just out for a nice day with two of his friends when he unknowingly triggered the home-made device. According to the NYPD, the […]

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Spy App for Android Devices: How Monitoring Is Easier Compared to iPhone Devices

Android devices have been known to be more flexible and accessible where 3rd party apps are concerned. Compared to iPhones, a spy app for Android devices don’t need jailbreaking and altercations on the operating system. In fact, spy apps can easily be installed without the need to do complicated changes on the phone’s settings. The […]

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How Does The Great Mobile Device Spy App Auto Forward Work?

Auto Forward is a mobile device monitoring application intent on collaborating with the users to put them in control of situations that are potentially hazardous or dangerous in some way. This collaborating helps the user take well-informed and orchestrated actions that can save them from much worse situations and possible losses or embarrassments.  How does […]

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Smartphones and Children

Contrary to popular belief, there are a wide variety of dangers that come along with using smartphones. For those who are interested in keeping their kids safe, they may find that it’s incredibly important to be able to monitor by having a spy mobile on what their kids are doing on their smartphones. While there […]

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