The Best Cell Phone Spy Software

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My Top 3 Mobile Phone Spy Software

1. Auto Forward – (Watch My Review – Recommended for Android)

2. Highster Mobile – (My Review – No Jailbreak Needed. Perfect for iPhones)

3. Easy Spy – (Good Alternative)


best cell phone spy reviews

Hey, my name is Pat Stanley (that’s me in the video above) welcome to Best Cell Phone Spy Reviews. I’m going to show you how to spy on a cell phone. I’m going to tell you what you need to know, where to get the best software and how to use it. All of your questions will be answered so, read on…

I have been involved with spy software and cell phone monitoring programs for about eight years. Back then I was involved in a bad marriage and needed to spy on a cell phone to find out a few things and that’s how I got involved in all this. Since then, I’ve tested countless amounts of spying apps and surveillance and security equipment so, to say the least, I know quite a bit about this kind of stuff.

That being said, with this type of spy software you are going to want find a program that is easy to use, has full telephone support and one that does not come with any monthly fees (too much of hassle a to cancel). And forget about all that free stuff. With the free trials all they do is activate a small portion of the program, which isn’t going to give you very much information anyway. When it comes time to activate the features that really give you the juicy information is when the company’s true colors come out. I made this mistake and wasted about two weeks of my time and $99. So, don’t make the same mistake I did, just go for a program that has all the features up front.

Long story short, you need a reliable program that is easy to use and comes with full telephone support. If a company doesn’t have an 800 number that you can call if you run into problems, don’t even bother wasting your time and money. You will become frustrated, as I did, and you will not be able to use the program you paid for.

Trust me when I tell you this. These mobile spy apps do not operate the same way regular apps do that you download from Google play or the Apple Store. These apps require a bit more interaction and overall knowledge of apps and cell phones. I know this because I went through some very frustrating times when I was first learning how to use this type of software.

These are the best phone spy programs on the Internet (I have actually used these)

I have used just about every cell phone spyware available on the Internet. Some are far superior and some are just plain ol’ crap!

But fear not! Below, I have made reviews of the best spy software programs on the internet, explaining the main benefits, and negatives of each. This will help you make a choice so your investment will pay off handsomely.


Top Phone Spy Apps for 2016

Note: The phone spy programs I have reviewed are very powerful programs that enable a person to spy on a cell phone much like any government or private investigator might and should be used only for legal purposes. 

#1 Highster Mobile  (Best spy software for iPhones and iPads)

highster mobile

Highster Mobile is an excellent mobile spying app. It has been on the market since 2009 and has one of the best reputations of any phone spy on the internet. Highster Mobile has every feature you need to spy on any Android or iPhone, but what sets it apart is its No-Jailbreak Solution for iPhones and iPads.

No Jailbreak – No Access Needed

Highster Mobile uses a technology for its No-Jailbreak solution that surpasses all of its competition. Their program operates faster and more accurate and does not require that you have possession of the phone you are spying on.

For fast and easy data collecting an OTA (over-the-air) method is used, which allows the user to monitor the target phone without actually having possession of that phone. Obviously, this is a big plus to anyone who is in a situation where the mobile phone to be monitored is being guarded and protected. Once the app is downloaded it will display all available data from the target phone directly on your own cell phone, tablet or computer. This technology can be easily misused. I urge you to use Highster Mobile responsibly. READ MORE

#2 Auto Forward  (Recommended: Best for Android phones and tablets)

auto forward spy

Auto Forward Spy is the best cell phone tracking product I’ve tested. Auto Forward Spy has been on the market for more than five years and has satisfied hundreds of thousands of customers. The program has every feature you would want in a cell phone monitoring program. Auto Forward Spy supports a variety of smartphones, but most importantly, you can use it on any Android phone and all models of the Apple iPhone and iPad.

What I like most about Auto Forward Spy is that you don’t need to have possession of the phone you are spying on to see information from that phone. Auto Forward Spy will remotely extract information from whatever phone your are spying on and display that information on your own cell phone, tablet or computer. The download procedure is very easy and shouldn’t take you any more than just a few minutes to perform. You can realistically start gathering information from virtually any mobile device within minutes using Auto Forward Spy. READ MORE

#3 Easy Spy  (Excellent choice for Android and iPhone)

easy spy

Easy Spy lets users easily monitor the activities of another cell phone or tablet. Like other spy phone apps listed here Easy Spy enables you to spy on text messages, phone calls, internet browsing history, emails, social media…basically anything the user does on the target device.  It can even find deleted text messages and track the phone using GPS.  All the phones information gets uploaded to the customer’s account online so they can remotely scan it without getting caught.  And it has a remote uninstall function that you can initiate if the owner of the phone suspects something.

Now it’s worth mentioning that the phone spy can be used to monitor your children and employees. Easy Spy is a great way to keep tabs on children and employees. There are multiple options on the market for apps similar to Easy Spy, but this has the most robust options and it’s among the least expensive ones by far.

To start using it, there is a one-time fee of $69.99. It also comes with Free Lifetime Upgrades and is backed by 10-day money back warranty. READ MORE

#4 Track My Fone (Not good. Very complicated and pricy. Reports of bad customer service)

While using Track My Fone, I found that it is a somewhat useful cell phone tracking product with features that can benefit anyone looking for an efficient parental control application. Unfortunately, it falls short in many areas to other smartphone spy programs.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 7.04.11 AMThe program can log some types of activities such as calls, text messages, emails, websites visited, social media usage, etc. It also offers charts and reports that provide a summary of the activity of the target phone. The parental control feature makes it possible to view the website bookmarks and restrict the target phone from accessing certain websites. If you want, you can also use TrackMy Fone to block access to any app you may want. You might be thinking, “I trust my child”, but with popularity of apps like SnapChat and sexting increasing in popularity, protecting your children against the dangers of the internet, especially sexting, is very important.  There is also a scheduling feature that can lock the target phone for a specified period of time.

Now, coming to the downsides of TrackMy Fone, I must say that a common user may find it tough to use all its features. The creators of TrackMy Fone have done extremely well in terms of including top features to this spy software. However, I have a feeling that there has not been much effort to develop a mobile phone spying software program that can be used by all regardless of their comfort level with advanced technology. In my opinion, this is a serious drawback because users only benefit from features that they are comfortable with. READ MORE

#5 Flexispy (Only if you’re an expert and have a BIG budget)

flexispySpy on Mobile Phones, Cell Phones and Tablets

Unless you are a NASA certified engineer I would not touch this program! Well maybe I’m being a little too harsh, but I don’t think so.

FlexiSpy, by far, has got to be the most complicated spy phone app I have ever tested. I’m a pretty intelligent guy, at least I’d like to think so, if you ask my wife she might say otherwise, but this thing actually gave me a headache. The installation was not nearly as simple and easy as other programs of the same category and the instructions were also kind of difficult to follow as well.

Though FlexiSpy offers all basic features, it will not be a good program to show you how to spy on cell phone and, anyone looking to purchase this program should note that some advanced features offered by other programs are not available in FlexiSpy. Unfortunately, this application does not have any blocking option in terms of applications, websites, contacts, and numbers. Also, this program has no option to receive notifications if the target device has any inappropriate content in it.

While using FlexiSpy, I also felt that the creators of this program have ignored the requirements of the common man with no or limited exposure to advanced technology of cell phone tracking software. User friendliness is one of my basic expectations out of any technology because there are many prospective users that are not technology savvy.

Talking about the price, I feel that the price of FlexiSpy is on the higher side compared to some other spy software. There is no doubt in my mind that $350 is a bit too high a price for what this program offers.

There is no denying the fact that FlexiSpy is a decent mobile spying program with all basic features. However, there are many similar programs in the market that are less expensive and more user friendly.

Flexispy, in my opinion is way too expensive and not nearly as good as the developer thinks. If you are looking for a much better product with similar features check out Highster Mobile.

Cost: A whopping $349/year for the Extreme Package (The lesser packages do not come with the full carousel of features).
Developer: Flexispy
Visit their site:

What you should know about any legitimate spy app

Cell Phone Spy1. Any spy phone apps that actually work WILL require you to install the application to the device you want to monitor. I have not found any program that will work without doing this. Beware of any product that claims otherwise.

2. Any mobile phone spying app for iPhone, iPad or iPod, that gets installed to the device you want to monitor, will require that you jailbreak that device. Jailbreak software is readily available on the internet. Go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and search the term “Jailbreak iPhone”. You will find many listings.

3. Rooting an Android device is not necessary unless you want to see certain information such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Emails, WhatsApp and other app related data. Android devices do not need to be rooted to retrieve text messages, calls, GPS, photos, videos, browser history, installed apps, running apps and remote camera operation.

4. Make sure the company you are buying the cell phone spyware from has a working telephone number and that someone actually answers it. Any legitimate company should have a real person answering their phone. This person should be able to answer all questions you have regarding the product they are selling. If you get connected to an answering service chances are something is wrong with the company. Buyer beware!

5. Customer support is extremely important. Verify that the company has good customer support should you have any issues with the program. Email is usually the norm in this industry.

6. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Pay attention to these words because they are true! Many companies will make bogus claims about there products leaving you out of your money when you discover that it doesn’t work. Do your homework and thoroughly research any product and company before you buy!

7. iPhone spy with no jailbreak is possible and very useful to anyone who does not have access to the iPhone or iPad or who is unwilling or unable to jailbreak the Apple device. There are many companies that offer iPhone spy services that do not require jailbreaking the Apple device, but, as wiuth many traditional spy programs, only a few actually work. Be sure to do your homework before investing.

Three Steps to Getting Started

1. Choose a reputable and reliable company that makes a good product. I covered this earlier. Do your research and verify all claim made by aSpy on a Cell Phone company their product. Beware of companies who claim that their program can spy on text messages or any other information from a cell phone without installing software to the phone. This is almost always false. Read our story about Molly Nelson.

2. Install the app to the phone you want to spy on using the link provided by the company. Installation will almost always require that you either activate or enter your license key. Your license key will be provided to you with the purchase of the app.

3. Login to your online account and view information from the cell phone or mobile device you are monitoring. If you have chosen from anyone of my reviews, You will see a nice, neat display of all information from the monitored device.

Don’t Get Scammed With False Software Companies

There are many cell phone tracker companies on the market lately. How do you know which one is right for you? Like with anything you buy, you should enter the purchase as an educated consumer. Want to install spy software but not sure how to get started? Here’s some additional information that you should consider in any legitimate company.

Where is the company based?

When looking for a company that provides cell phone monitoring and tracking software, make sure that it’s based in the United States. This gives you the best possible customer service experience if you need to ask questions regarding your software purchase.

Do they have live customer service representatives?

Once you’ve reviewed your purchase, the best companies have live representatives on the phone. This will ensure that your purchase is handled and expedited in the best possible manner.

Secondly, are people answering those phones? Most people don’t want to speak to automated responses or answer robocalls; a knowledgeable live person who can answer your questions with sensitivity ensures that you’re with the right company. They should immediately tell you the hours of operation so you know when it’s best to call.

Does the company have a website?

All the helpful information should be available on an authentic and professional looking website so you can refer back to any additional questions you might have. Questions about your order your order, the instructions and how-to, the FAQs, and any disclaimers, should be explained and displayed on the company’s website. And be sure they have a telephone number to call and CALL IT to make sure that someone answers that is from the company. Some smaller companies will employ answering services to make them look more professional. These people are only there to take messages. Be sure you are speaking to someone who is from the company where you are buying the software. A simple test…Ask them a few “tech” questions about the product. Example: “How does it work?”, “Does the phone need to be rooted?”, “Does the iPhone need to be jailbroken?”.

I’ve purchased cell phone spy software. What now?

Like with many product purchases, you may still have questions. How should those questions be handled by a legitimate company? If the company website and live representative still doesn’t help, reinstall your software and access the cell phone spy and monitoring software again.

Choose a cell phone tracking company you have researched and verified

Quality phone spy software you can trust will have reliable and convenient customer support. It will have a phone number on the website you can call and speak to a live person and it will have good reviews written by experienced and knowledgeable people in the industry. All of the cell spy apps reviewed above among the best available. If you want to best program for the lowest price, I would recommend going with cell phone monitoring software like Highster Mobile or Auto Forward. Both are very good programs and neither have monthly fees or any additional charges that are necessary to use them.

I would like to thank you for visiting my site. I hope I have provided you with information that will help you decide which mobile spy program is best for you.

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